2 maj

Det är i dagarna 6 år sedan Nato i Libyen attackerade Gadaffis yngste sons hem. Gadaffis son och 3 barnbarn dödades i attacken!

wsws.org 2011 – US, NATO defend air strike that murdered Gaddafi family members

US and NATO officials have brushed aside charges by the Libyan government that the air strike Saturday night that killed the youngest son and three grandchildren of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was a targeted assassination intended to murder Gaddafi.

axisoflogic.com 2011 – The NATO Mafia Murders Qadaffi’s Youngest Son and 3 of his Grandchildren

The depravity of the NATO Mafia and their heartless monsters in Tel Aviv, Washington, London and Paris is ineffable and unbounded. In their multiple attempts to assassinate Moummar Qadaffi with cowardly attacks from the air, this time they came close – even closer than killing the beloved Libyan leader himself. Col. Qadaffi is a father figure to Libyans and after killing many of his Libyan children from Benghazi to Tripoli, they have now murdered his youngest son and 3 of his grandchildren.

Den 2 maj är det 3 år sedan massakern i Odessa inträffade –
rt.com – Odessa massacre probe drags on 3yrs after over 40 anti-coup activists burnt alive in Ukrainian city

The nearly 50 victims of the May 2014 violence in Odessa, Ukraine – most of whom died in a trade union building after being attacked by pro-Kiev radicals – are remembered across the world 3 years on, while no verdict has been delivered in the case.
On May 2, Odessa marks the anniversary of the tragedy that took the lives of at least 48 people, including seven women, and injured 250 others, in the worst act of violence against civilians in the Ukrainian port city since the massacres of World War II. Despite being widely filmed and live-streamed, the tragedy, including its gruesome aftermath, has become the subject of conspiracies and speculation, while the courts have not found anyone responsible for organizing or participating in the violence.

jinge.se – Treårsdagen av massakern i Odessa under markant mediatystnad




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