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Det ser ut som att mörkrets makter är på gång med motåtgärder efter att Ryssland tagit initiativet med attacker mot de väpnade gängen i Syrien. Varför blev det plötsligt sådan fart på flera länder som Frankrike, Tyskland, Storbritannien m.fl. efter Paris-attackerna? Det är snarast så att man kan misstänka att attackerna inträffade för att skaffa dessa länder, och naturligtvis USA som leder det hela, en ursäkt för denna upptrappning i Syrien. Att det är ISIS det hela handlar om är inte trovärdigt, i så fall kunde man samarbeta med Ryssland och Syrien. Och nu har även Sverige fått order om att ställa upp, brottslingarna vill ha så många medbrottslingar som möjligt. Dagarna efter Parishändelserna sa sig Sverige vara beredda att ställa upp vid sidan av Frankrike med insatser mot ISIS, men bara några dagar senare hade man ändrat sig. Man kom med någon ursäkt som att man inte hade flygresurser nog eller något liknande. Var det USA som gav order om att vänta, de fick inte rusa iväg och liera sig med Ryssland i en seriös insats mot ISIS, de hade andra planer?
Och så har ju Turkiet skickat in trupper i Irak. Iraks regering protesterar kraftfullt.
Turkey Given 24 Hours To Withdraw From IraqIraqi Forces on Standby to Take Action if Turkey Refuses to Withdraw Troops

Förresten har ju Sverige också militär i Irak, utan att vara inbjudna! Uppenbarligen har den svenska regeringen inga som helst ambitioner att vara självständiga och styra Sverige i den svenska befolkningens intresse. De är en Quisling-regim som styrs från Washington.
Jag utser mig själv härmed till talesperson för Sveriges verkliga regering, alla som vill får ansluta sig. Sverige ska INTE delta i olagliga och kriminella äventyr som dessa som USA och deras kumpaner sysslar med i Syrien, som på så många andra håll!
Det olyckliga allt närmare samarbetet med Nato ska avvecklas. Sverige är en fri och självständig nation som har förmågan att tänka själv och fatta egna beslut.

nyhetsbanken.info – USA dödade fyra regeringssoldater i Syrien

Inte nog med de syriska soldater som USA dödade igår – presstv.ir – Possible US-led coalition airstrikes kill 26 civilians in Syria: Monitor

William Engdahl menar att det är Saudiarabien i samarbete med Turkiet som är de starkast drivande bakom ISIS –
What Stinks in Saudi Ain’t the Camel Dung

In the true sense, ISIS is simply a “Saudi army in disguise.”

What stinks in Saudi Arabia ain’t the camel dung. It’s the monarchy of King Salman and his hot-headed son, Prince Salman. For decades they have financed terrorism under a fake religious disguise, to advance their private plutocratic agenda. It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with money and oil. A look at the ISIS map from Iraq to Syria shows that they precisely targeted the oil riches of those two sovereign states. Saudi control of that oil wealth via their ISIS agents, along with her clear plan to take out the US shale oil competition, or so Riyadh reckons, would make the Saudi monarchy a vastly richer state, one, perhaps because of that money, finally respected by white western rich men and their society.

Och nog låter det troligt som Thierry Meyssan säger att Turkiet i samarbete med Frankrike, Storbritannien och Israel är ute efter att dela upp Syrien och skapa ett område åt kurderna – The unavowable project for a pseudo-Kurdistan

Paris and London are multiplying their categorical declarations against Daesh, its programme of ethnic cleansing and its terrorist attacks. And yet they are preparing in secret for the ethnic cleansing of Northern Syria with a view to creating a pseudo-Kurdistan, and the re-localisation of Daesh to Al-Anbar in order to create a «Sunnistan» there. Thierry Meyssan analyses this plan, and underlines the numerous contradictions in the official discourse.

In 2011, Alain Juppé, then French Minister for Foreign Affairs, and his Turkish counterpart, Ahmet Davutoglu, signed a secret treaty. We know that it included several reciprocal engagements, including that of «resolving the Kurdish question »without« damaging the integrity of Turkish territory», in other words, the creation of a pseudo-Kurdistan in Syria.
Since Russia stepped up to the plate, suddenly western countries can’t wait to bomb ISIS. Are they now there to get the job done? Or are they there to stop Russia increasing its influence, and to make sure it doesn’t succeed where they failed?

Finian Cunningham – NATO’s absurd denials amid acts of war in Syria

American political analyst Randy Martin at crookedbough.com says that recent events are proof that Washington and its NATO allies are indeed at war in Syria. Not against the IS jihadists, as officially claimed, but against the Syrian state. By extension that means NATO has also moved to a war footing against Russia, as an ally of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.
“It’s quite clear that the US and the other NATO powers have stepped up their military operations in Syria precisely because their covert war for regime change against Assad is being smashed up by Russia’s intervention,” Martin told me. “The whole notion of the West backing so-called moderate rebels while being opposed to the Islamic State brigades is just a preposterous charade furnished in part by the Western media. All these groups are working as mercenary proxy armies for the Western objective of regime change.”
“Russian President Vladimir Putin has dealt a decisive blow to the US-led covert campaign of deploying various proxy terror groups to overthrow the Syrian state. It’s like Putin has smashed a hornet’s nest hanging from a tree and now all hell is breaking out,” says the analyst.

Russia has exposed a “giant, sordid criminal enterprise” whereby Western governments are being seen to be in league with regional despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. More damningly, Western governments are also shown to be colluding with some of the most barbaric terror groups known in modern times.
Putin’s principled military intervention to defend Syrian state sovereignty has flushed out the criminal parties and their joint enterprise to overthrow an elected government.
This is why Washington and its NATO allies have reacted with such manic militarism. It is entirely plausible that Turkey was given the green light by its NATO superiors to shoot down the Russian warplane on November 24.

It is therefore hard not to conclude, according to Martin, that the US and its NATO allies are caught in a dilemma. “Their backs are against the wall because Russia is destroying their criminal enterprise in Syria,” he says.
And, disturbingly, it looks like Washington is prepared to start a world war in order to save its criminal enterprise – while acting as the air force for jihadist terrorists.

Tony Cartalucci – America’s Creeping War in Syria

Likely there are cards yet to be played by Syria and its allies, which include wider roles for Iran and China to contribute in if and when necessary. The idea is to make continued Western intervention in Syria as costly as possible. It must be remembered that beyond the deepening rhetoric of the West, they still have only one goal – the same goal that they had when first beginning their proxy war with Syria – regime change in Damascus before pursuing regime change in Tehran, then Moscow and then Beijing.
It is likely the West will not stop until forced to tactically, strategically, economically, and politically. It is therefore incumbent upon Syria and its allies to create and apply the necessary force to do this.

Paul Craig Roberts – War Is On The Horizon: Is It Too Late To Stop It?

Tal av Stephen F Cohen nyligen – Russia Expert Stephen Cohen Nails Terrorism, Syria, Ukraine and Russia

Washington’s constant stubborn refusal to embrace new reality of multi-polar world has become part of the problem and not part of the solution


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