18 mars

Det här inlägget av Guy Mettan är nog det bästa jag sett när det gäller att förklara bakgrunden till Ukraina-krisen –
The root causes of the war in Ukraine

But the protection of Donbass and the neutralization of Ukraine are only the most visible causes of the conflict. The second set of causes, and by far the most important, relates to the balance of strategic forces and the doctrine of mutually assured destruction in the event of a nuclear attack. This balance of terror would have been de facto biased in favor of the West in the event of militarization or Ukraine’s accession to NATO. Indeed, once Ukraine fell into Western military orbit, NATO would have installed its nuclear weapons there as in Poland and Romania, placing Moscow five minutes away from total destruction and preventing it from retaliating with equivalent nuclear fire and likely to annihilate Europe and the United States in return.
This scenario would have ruined Russia’s independence and sovereignty. Just as the installation of Russian nuclear rockets in Cuba or Mexico would destroy the ability of the United States to defend itself and force it to submit to Moscow’s will. Since Russia does not benefit from an early warning system like the United States, it is particularly exposed. And it feels all the more threatened as the United States has unilaterally denounced nuclear treaties INF (2019) and Open Sky (2020) that guaranteed a certain security and maintained a strategic dialogue. Under these conditions, the establishment of a buffer zone between Russia and US nuclear missiles in Europe – Ukraine and Georgia in this case – became an existential issue for the Russians.
This cause, which is never explained in the media and by Western politicians because it would highlight their aggressiveness and desire for hegemony, was the triggering factor of the war. It also explains why powers such as China, India and even Pakistan remain neutral, even favorable to Moscow. For China, the stakes are very clear. If Ukraine falls into Western hands and Russia is weakened or even loses this war, China knows it has no illusions: it will be next on the list.

Guy Mettan har skrivit boken – Varför vi älskar att hata Ryssland – som översatt till svenska kan köpas här – karnevalforlag.se

Nästa kan man se som ett inlägg av Rysslands försvarsadvokat, kan Ryssland hävda att man agerar i självförsvar?
Christopher Black – The Legality Of War

The western mass media and governments have fallen into a frenzy of anti-Russian propaganda over Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. One element of their propaganda war is the claim that Russia’s action is illegal under international law. But is this the case and what does it mean for these countries to make that claim when they have themselves invaded and attacked too many nations to enumerate, every one of which was not only illegal, but without any moral, ethical justification whatsoever?

Putin höll ett tal för ett par dagar sen –
rt.com – West’s global political and economic dominance ends – Putin

Putin warned ordinary people in the West that attempts to portray Moscow as the primary source of all their woes were lies, with a lot of those issues being the direct result of the Western governments’ “ambitions” and “political short-sightedness.”
The Western elites, according to Putin, have turned their countries into an “empire of lies,” but Russia will keep on presenting its own position to the whole world, no matter what.

Hela talet kan läsas här på engelska – President Putin: Meeting on socioeconomic support for regions

Om man vill studera hur SVT rapporterar om det här talet så kan man göra det här – Putin: ”Vi vill inte ockupera Ukraina”
Här nämns också det angrepp på staden Donetsk i måndags, 14 mars, då ca 20 civila dödades och som västmedierna gjort sitt bästa för att hålla tyst om.

Presidenten påstår även att Ukraina har utfört ett robotangrepp mot staden Donetsk i östra Ukraina och kallar attacken för ”ett fegt terroristangrepp”.
– Han iklär sig offerrollen. Det är tongångar vi inte har hört tidigare, säger SVT:s Henrik Silver.

Ett exempel på hur propagandan i västmedierna går till. En italiensk tidning visar en bild från Donetsk i måndags, texten i den italienska tidningen nämnde inte var bilden kom ifrån, utan det talades om ryska attacker mot bl.a. Kiev. På den nivån är det.
Från rt.com – Italian newspaper responds to disinformation claims over Donetsk photo

The Wednesday print issue of the paper featured a full-page photo of a street littered with dead bodies, with a man covering his face in grief. “The Carnage,” the headline read. Short text teasers promised stories further in the paper about the “traumatized children in Lvov” and “Kiev preparing for the final assault” by Russian troops.
The photo was taken on Monday in Donetsk, the capital of the breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic, after its center was struck by a tactical Tochka-U ballistic missile. Its leadership and Russia said Ukraine was the only party that could have launched it and that the rocket’s warhead was a cluster weapon, designed to kill unprotected soldiers in a wide area.
The attack on Donetsk killed 21 civilians and injured scores of others. Moscow called it a terrorist attack and a war crime. The Russian embassy in Italy, as it responded to La Stampa’s frontpage, said the newspaper didn’t bother to cover it.
Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said on Thursday that the Italian news outlet, like other Western mainstream media, was intentionally “distorting the perceptions of its own readers.”


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