27 dec

Man kan lyssna på en diskussion om uttalandena om förestående krig av den amerikanske generalen som jag tog upp i förra inlägget på radioprogrammet  Loud and Clear, som jag brukar lyssna på.

I en artikel i Washington Post om detta uttalande ger en talesperson åt generalen den här förklaringen –

Lt. Col. Eric Dent, a spokesman for the general, told The Washington Post Saturday night that Neller’s remarks “were intended to inspire and focus the Marines’ training.” He added the general had also told the troops none of the four countries he had referenced — Russia, China, Iran and North Korea — wanted to go to war.
“The thought of war has a way of motivating warriors to train hard and increase readiness. I cannot imagine any professional military leader suggesting to his or her Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen that we shouldn’t think that conflict is‎ pending,” Dent said in an email. “Being ready is a constant practice and refocusing. Neller and others have said, ‘If you want peace, train for war.’ That’s exactly what we want and are doing.”

Det skulle mest vara ägnat att motivera den militärpersonal han vände sig till och få den mer fokuserad. Hmm, man kan undra om det inte fanns andra syften. Att försöka skrämma t.ex. Ryssland?

Kan vara lämpligt att ta upp en artikel från augusti i år av Christopher Black om USA/Nato’s kriminella krigshets –

NATO ‘s War Crimes: Crime of Propaganda

So, the criminal dossier against NATO grows with the crimes committed. One day we can hope that those responsible for the war propaganda used against us will face the peoples’ justice but in the meantime we have to be aware that when we are confronted with it, when we open a newspaper, turn on the television, or radio, click that link on the internet, we are the victims of a war crime, the use of war propaganda as part of the crime of aggression, each and every one of us. And if that does not make you angry then what hope is there for peace in this world?



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