24 juni

Förutom varningarna för situationen i Transnistrien, kommer William Engdahl med uppgifter om att allvarliga provokationer mot Ryssland kan vara på gång i Kaliningrad.
Has Washington Gone Looney Tunes?

According to hackers who managed to enter the system of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, that tiny Baltic country is getting ready to militarily annex Russia’s Kaliningrad region. It reads like a fantastic rewrite of the 1950’s Peter Sellers satire film, The Mouse that Roared, with Lithuania cast in the role of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, declaring war this time, not on the United States, but on the Russian Federation.

According to Lithuanian news portal Delfi, the hacked documents of the Lithuanian Defense Ministry reveal that ongoing NATO maneuvers in the region would provide the cover for the surprise attack. Right now some 2,100 soldiers from nine NATO member states part of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) are taking part in military exercises in northwestern Poland. Later this summer, NATO’s “Allied Shield” will be also held in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, involving 15,000 troops from 19 NATO member states and three partner nations, including Sweden, later this month.

rt.com – ‘US would like Russia to cease to exist as a country’ – Russia’s top security official

The Americans strive to dominate the world. This is the aim they are targeting in their doctrines. So far they succeed: they dominate despite the changing world,” said the top security official.
Russia is following very closely the “color revolutions’ trend, in particularly the developments in neighboring Ukraine, he said.
It’s clear that the hidden agenda of destabilization of this country is creating an instrument to radically weaken Russia,” Patrushev said, stressing that it was the US who initiated the Ukrainian crisis

Pepe Escobar om det stora ekonomi-mötet i S:t Petersburg
The St. Petersburg’s International Forum in the Heart of the Action

The dogs of western fear and sanctions bark, while the Eurasian caravan passes.
And no caravanserai could possibly compete with the 19th edition of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). Thousands of global business leaders – including Europeans, but not Americans; after all, President Putin is “the new Hitler” – representing over 1,000 international companies/corporations, including the CEOs of BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Total, hit town in style.



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