27 jan

Artiklar som jag fastnat för idag.

Paul Craig Roberts – Russia in the cross hairs
Först om medierna

Washington’s attack on Russia has moved beyond the boundary of the absurd into the realm of insanity.
The New Chief of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors, Andrew Lack, has declared the Russian news service, RT, which broadcasts in multiple languages, to be a terrorist organization equivalent to Boko Haram and the Islamic State, and Standard and Poor’s just downgraded Russia’s credit rating to junk status.

In other words, the “free speech” that Washington and its EU, Canadian, and Australian puppet states tout means: free speech for Washington’s propaganda and lies, but not for any truth. Truth is terrorism, because truth is the major threat to Washington.

och sen om att kreditvärderingsinstituten nedvärderat Ryssland igen

Standard and Poor’s downgrade is, without any doubt, a political act. It proves what we already know, and that is that the American rating firms are corrupt political operations.

The size of Russia’s national debt is $235 billion, less than one quarter of a trillion. The size of the US national debt is $18 trillion, 76.6 times larger than the Russian debt.
Putting this in perspective: according to the debt clocks, US GDP is $17.3 trillion and Russian GDP is $2.1 trillion. So, US GDP is 8 times greater than Russian GDP, but US national debt is 76.6 times greater than Russia’s debt.
Clearly, it is the US credit rating that should have been downgraded to junk status.

According to this site: http://people.howstuffworks.com/5-united-states-debt-holders.htm#page=4 the US owes Russia as of January 2013 $162.9 billion. As the Russian national debt is $235 billion, 69 percent of the Russian national debt is covered by US debt obligations to Russia.
If this is a Russian Crisis, I am Alexander the Great.

och om att Rysslands centralbank inte ens den är fri från påverkan från västs finansgangsters (det finns förresten en video om detta som man kanske skulle ta en titt på igen – Central Bankers suppressing Russian economy  )

One of Russia’s problems is its central bank. For the most part, Russian economists are the same neoliberal incompetents that exist in the Western world. The Russian economists are enamored of their contacts with the “superior” West and with the prestige that they image these contacts give them. As long as the Russian economists agree with the Western ones, they get invited to conferences abroad. These Russian economists are de facto American agents whether they realize it or not.

In my opinion, the neoliberal economists who control Russian economic policy are a much greater threat to the sovereignty of Russia than economic sanctions and US missile bases. To survive Washington, Russia desperately needs people who are not romantic about the West.
To dramatize the situation, if President Putin will grant me Russian citizenship and allow me to appoint Michael Hudson and Nomi Prins as my deputies, I will take over the operation of the Russian central bank and put the West out of operation.

Ukrainska armén startade en offensiv mot de delar av östra Ukraina som strävar efter självständighet. Dessa svarade på angreppet. Och detta efter att ha varnat länge för att Kiev-sidan utnyttjade det eldupphöravtal som det var meningen skulle råda, med att upprusta för en förnyad offensiv. ”fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” resonerade självförsvarsgrupperna, inga fler falska eldupphör, nu går vi till en mot-offensiv. Ska vi ha en överenskommelse ska den vara slutgiltig och ge oss vår självständighet.
Och EU reagerar med, att öka på sanktionerna mot…. Ryssland naturligtvis!

EU heads threaten Russia with more santions

Heads of European Union (EU) member states have tasked their foreign ministers to consider a new round of sanctions against Russia in the wake of fresh fighting between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russia forces in eastern Ukraine.

Rysslands FN-ambassadör ilsknar till på västs sätt missbruka tragiska händelser i Ukraina, skylla på självförsvarsgrupperna, och sen dölja eller undvika de resultat som kommer fram om händelserna.

Russian ambassador to UN criticizes Western colleagues for unscrupulous diplomacy

“Once again, we could see a misuse of tragic events for self-serving political purposes,” he said.
Ambassador Churkin said somewhat earlier in the course of his speech that the Kiev government had used the tragedies of the past few days the shelling of a passenger bus in the township of Volnovakha and gunfire at residential districts in Mariupol – as a ploy for fanning hysteria.
“Charges against the (East-Ukrainian) self-defence forces are churned out instantaneously and one gets an impression they are always prefabricated,” he said. “But as soon as a yet another propaganda ploy has done its job, Kiev immediately loses interests in fanning or investigating it any further.”
“It’s all the more so that the information, which surfaces up some time after the most resounding incidents, sometimes fully contradicts the stuff circulated immediately in the wake of one or another event,” Churkin said.

Theirry Meyssan om krisen bland de styrande ayatollorna i USA.

Washington is in Revolt Against Obama

The crisis gripping the US state apparatus is directly threatening the survival of the Empire…

Coming out of his silence, the honorary chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, Leslie H. Gelb, sounded the alarm.
He said that ”the Obama team lacked basic instincts and judgment to lead the national security policy in the next two years.” And he continued, on behalf of the US ruling class as a whole: ”President Obama needs to replace his team with strong personalities and experienced strategists ….


Finally, Mr. Gelb proposes that the national security strategy be developed in consultation with the four ”wise men”: Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and James Baker.

Brzezinski och Kissinger är bland de som i alla fall jag trodde var de som mest direkt drog i trådarna till de politiskt valda. Men Kissinger har kritiserat USA’s agerande i samband med det senaste årets Ukraina-händelser. Och Brzezinski var kritisk mot hur Syrien-krisen sköttes, för något år sen.



2 svar to “27 jan”

  1. Michael Thudén Says:

    Intressant och bra att du gräver Stan! här får du en till intressant länk om läget i Ukraina:

    • Stan Says:

      Självförsvarsgrupperna (vad ska man kalla dom egentligen? vill inte använda samma ord som de korrupta västmedierna) var ju väldigt kaxiga för några dagar sen. Men deras framfart verkar ha hejdats av Kiev-trupperna. Det är mycket som står på spel, men Donetsk-Lugansk-trupperna har ju visat stor skicklighet tidigare, hoppas verkligen att de väststödda Kiev-angriparna får ge sig.

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