22 jan

En ny attack mot en buss och en bil har alltså inträffat idag, med 13 personer dödade.

rt.com – ‘Covert team’ caught after shelling kills at least 9 in eastern Ukraine

What local authorities call a ”covert group” has been arrested in Donetsk. The group is suspected of the shelling during rush hour on Thursday morning, which took the lives of at least nine people and injured up to twenty.

8dagar.com – Terrordåd i Donetsk

EU och USA är med och stödjer utrotningskriget mot Donbass med påstått ickedödliga vapen. Vad Europas arma politiker inte förstår när de med acklamation i EU-parlamentet röstar igenom vapenhjälp till fascistjuntan i Kiev är att detta ”försvar” av Kievs rätt att utplåna en del av sin egen befolkning kan bli – eller är! – början på ett tredje världskrig.

Press conference of the Minister of Defense of Donetsk Republic: 597 bodies of Ukrainian soldiers, including foreign contractors have been recovered near the airport and Peski

 Minister of Defense of DPR, Eduard Basurin:
597 Ukrainian soldiers died at the airport so far – and those are just the bodies found so far near the airport and Peski, 44 POWs, 49 tanks destroyed, 49 BMP’s and BTR’s – just destroyed by DPR, wounded evacuated – over 1,500 (Ukrainians). Large quantities of American weapons, a lot of religious literature in European languages. Found bodies in NATO uniform of contractors from foreign private military companies. Today there were 19 violations of ceasefire – 13 dead (on a Donetsk trolley). No dead among the militia.

In the now på Russia Today – Ukraine violence spins out of control
As the war in Ukraine intensifies we speak to Ronald Sunni Professor Emeritus of Political Science and History at the University of Michigan. Laying down arms and improving the humanitarian situation should be a top priority. As well as decentralization of power and inclusive national dialogue. But none of this is being done. We ask why?

* * *

William Engdahl om det fortsatta byggandet av en ny finansiell ordning, mellan Ryssland, Kina och andra – Russia and China: Watch Out Moody’s, Here We Come!

In the Greek sovereign debt crisis, just as EU governments were about to finalize a deal to stabilize the Greek government’s bond debt, in April 2010 Standard & Poor’s (S&P), suddenly downgraded Greek state debt by three full levels to “junk” rating, which forced most pension funds around the world to liquidate the bonds, sending Greek interest rates to more than 10%. That rating act created the Euro crisis. It also saved the falling US dollar, the heart of the Wall Street-US Treasury-Federal Reserve Dollar System.

Market rumors are that Soros opportunistically bought a huge amount of cheap Ukrainian bonds, confident that the EU would come to the rescue. They haven’t. Now the old fox shows signs of panic. On January 13 he went to Kiev to meet Ukrainian billionaire President Petro Poroshenko. In Kiev Soros stated, “Ukraine is struggling to protect not only itself, but also Europe (sic!). Thus, Europe should help Ukraine implement reforms necessary for the country.”



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