25 nov

Asad Ismi som intervjuades av Peter Koenig i en artikel jag länkade till i förra inlägget, skriver här en artikel där han refererar till bl.a. Koenig –
BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Challenge U.S. Global Dominance

Hallinan wrote recently that the days when these Western institutions could, “dictate international finances and intimidate or crush opponents with an avalanche of sanctions are drawing to a close. The BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are two nails in that coffin.”

“This cannot happen fast enough in order to stop U.S.-led Western aggressions and financial terrorism around the world,” said Koenig.

Och Peter Koenig har också en ny artikel –
Towards a New Joint Global Currency? Putin Calls Upon Washington “Not to Meddle in Russian Affairs”

Again – on the backdrop of the dismal western economic scenario and the pandemic threats to the world, Mr. Putin’s harsh words to the US, a warning against interference in Russia – are but a signal for Washington to reckon with a vigilant Russia (and China) – vigilant vis-à-vis the impending collapse of the western monetary system, and vigilant vis-à-vis the west’s massive military and biological warfare threats.

What will it take for people to connect the dots?

Pepe Escobar – Washington Plays Russian Roulette

The “logic” behind Cold War 2.0 – now in full swing – couldn’t give a damn about European stability. The Obama administration launched it – with NATO as the spearhead – to in fact prevent Eurasian integration, building a New Berlin Wall in Kiev. The immediate target is to undermine Russia’s economy; in the long run, regime change would be the ultimate bonus.

So the logic of escalation is on. The economically devastated EU is a joke; the only thing that counts for the US is NATO – and the overwhelming majority of its members are in the bag, sharing the prevailing mood in Washington of treating Putin as if he were Milosevic, Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi. There are no signs whatsoever Team Obama is willing to de-escalate. And when the Hillarator President-in-Waiting ascends to the throne, all bets are off.

Är det detta de är ute efter – James Petras – All-Out War in Ukraine: NATO’s ‘Final Offensive’ – och vad innebär bytet av ”försvars”-minister i USA? Att det finns krafter som trycker på för en (än) mer aggressiv utrikespolitik? Som McCain är marknadsförare av.(Eller kan det vara tvärtom? Hagel Exit Shows Obama Has Taken Power Away From Pentagon)

Jan Öberg – Brisbane – A show of Western weakness

No matter what you may think of Putin and Russia this is simply not the way international politics should be conducted, particularly not at the personal level. If it wasn’t an offence to children, one would aptly characterize it as childish behavior.

William Engdahl – Russia Turns East at Shocking Speed with China Mega Energy Deals

Ironically their very stupid attempts to initiate global dis-order and a new world war, in order to retain their failing grip on power, is having the opposite effect. It is driving China, Russia, the entire BRICS countries and other nations into closer ties on all levels to build a defense against that attempt. The oligarchs and their war machine are stupid precisely because they seem incapable of thinking in comprehensive terms of how interconnected everything in our universe is. They seem blinded by their addiction.

Två artiklar till av Engdahl, bakgrund och förklaring till varför Ungerns ledning svartmålas i medierna –
Hungary’s Viktor Orban: Washington’s New Enemy Image
och om ännu en som västs finansoligarker inte är nöjda med –
BRICS’ Brazil President Next Washington Target

Mike Whitney – Vox Populi: Readers Comments Show anti-Putin Propaganda Not Working

The media is increasingly worried that it’s losing its ability to persuade people to support policies that only serve the interests of elites. The media has rolled out all the heavy artillery in its campaign to demonize Putin, but the strategy hasn’t worked. In fact, it’s backfired quite badly leading some publications to cancel their comments section altogether.



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