23 nov

Utförlig och viktig intervju om läget i världen och hoppet om en positiv utveckling –
De-Dollarization: Is BRICS a Viable Alternative to the U.S. Dominated World Economic System? Interview with Asam Ismi of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Indeed it is high time that a new monetary and economic system replaces the current FED-BIS (Bank for International Settlement)-Wall Street dollar denominated predatory casino scheme that has in the last 100 years alone largely contributed to – and benefitted from – two world wars, impoverished our planet, socially and environmentally. This system is at the verge of a larger abyss than the depression of the 1930s.

Läsvärd artikel av Putins rådgivare – anna-news.info – How to prevent the coming war. Sergei Glazyev

Lång intervju med Putin – Vladimir Putin: We are strong because we are right

Neil Clark – Putin demonized for thwarting neocon plan for global domination

rt.com – Serbia won’t join anti-Russian sanctions club despite EU pressure – Nikolic

theguardian.com – Russia warns US not to arm Ukrainian forces against pro-Russian rebels

Russian foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in Moscow that a US official’s suggestion Washington should consider sending arms to Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels have been fighting government forces since April, sent a “very serious signal“.




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