3 aug

Webster Tarpley, World Crisis Radio, 2 augUS Federal Courts Aid Hedge Fund Hyenas in Attack on Argentina As Economic Warfare Vs. Russia Shows Non-Viability of Wall Street Financial System; NATO Preparing More False Flag Provocations in Ukraine; Honoring Jean Jaurès, French Socialist Who Was Killed While Organizing General Strike to Stop Madness of World War I

William Engdahl – Ukraine MH17 may be CIA false flag and it ain’t flying

One of the most shocking features of Western mainstream media coverage of the MH17 event is the utter lack of serious, cautious investigative journalism of the variety which used to exist only a few years ago. Rather than err on the side of caution before rushing to judgment in a situation that could easily trigger a new Cold War or worse, CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, and most EU media including German simply quote Kiev government officials, among them the neo-Nazi ones, as if they were credible. Real inquiry must look at the unanswered questions.



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