30 jun

Med den här käcka rubriken tar Aftonbladet upp det som jag hade i inlägget 26 jun nedan – Natotrupper kan snart inta Sverige

Och mer av och med Sergei Glazyev, Putins rådgivare som förekom i en video för ett par inlägg sedan – On Eurofascism

.. Eurofascism today is very different from its 20th-Century German, Italian, and Spanish versions. European national states have receded into the past, entering the European Union and submitting to the Eurobureaucracy. The latter has become the leading political power in Europe, easily quashing any bids for sovereignty by individual European countries.
The bureaucracy’s power is based not on an army, but on its monopoly over the issuance of currency, over the mass media, and over the regulation of trade, all of which are managed by the bureaucracy in the interests of European big capital. In every conflict with national governments during the past decade, the Eurobureaucracy has invariably prevailed, forcing European nations to accept its technocrat governments and its policies. Those policies are based on the consistent rejection of all national traditions, from Christian moral standards to how sausages are produced.

En intervju från 24 mars – An Interview with Sergey Glazyev

globalresearch.ca – The Globalization of NATO: Military Doctrine of Global Warfare

Jag har inte tittat närmare på det här. Kan det verkligen vara sant?
Germans take to the streets in 100 cities to demonstrate against the Federal Reserve banking system and its wars


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