28 jun – Irak och Ukraina

Irak köper stridsplan av Ryssland och Vitryssland –

nsnbc.me – Iraqi Air Force to Deploy Sukhoi Jets against ISIS within Days

The first group of second-hand Russian and Belarus’ Sukhoi jets arrived in Iraq and can be deployed within days. The Iraqi government procured the Russian and Belarus’ jets to turn the tide against the ISIS insurgency as U.S. deliveries of F-16s are delayed. The procurement comes against mounting evidence for direct U.S. and Turkish involvement in launching the ISIS brigades against Baghdad.

rt.com – Target ISIS: First batch of Russian Su-24 jets arrives in Iraq

theguardian.com – Isis: Maliki hails Syrian air raids in Iraq as leaving both states ‘winners’

nsnbc.me – U.S. Embassy in Ankara Headquarter for ISIS War on Iraq – Hariri Insider

The green light for the use of ISIS brigades to carve up Iraq, widen the Syria conflict into a greater Middle East war and to throw Iran off-balance was given behind closed doors at the Atlantic Council meeting in Turkey, in November 2013, told a source close to Saudi – Lebanese billionaire Saad Hariri, adding that the U.S. Embassy in Ankara is the operation’s headquarter.

Leaked Document Reveals Who Is Behind Jihadists ISIS Recruitment – Here’s a Hint: Obama Just Released 5 Taliban Leaders to Them

globalresearch.ca – US-NATO Proxy War in Iraq and Syria: US Financing and Training of “Moderate” ISIS Rebels in Syria

* * *

Ukraina –

rt.com – Washington pushing Ukraine to conflict – Lavrov

If peace in Ukraine depended on Russia and most European countries, the chances for achieving it would be higher, the Russian Foreign Minister believes. However, he is sure the US is pushing the Ukrainian leadership towards confrontation.

rt.com – UN: 110,000 people fled Ukraine to Russia this year

globalresearch.ca – Kiev deploys Neo-Nazi Paramilitary against Political Opponents in Eastern Ukraine




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