7 jun

nsnbc.me – Poroshenko’s Inauguration Speech a Declaration of War on Southeastern Ukraine

Petro Poroshenko has been sworn in to the presidency of Ukraine on Saturday. He declared willingness to talk with Ukraine’s rebelling regions but stressed Ukrainian would be the only official language, that a federalized state was out of the question and that Crimea is and will remain Ukrainian. The military crackdown in Ukraine’s southeastern regions continued.

nyhetsbanken.se – Porosjenko säger nej till federalisering

Press TV – Putin warns against any deal between Ukraine, EU

The Russian president has warned to take protectionist measures if any association agreement is signed between Ukraine and the European Union.

8dagar.com – Privatarméer härjar i östra Ukraina

Det blir alltmer klart att de trupper som satts in i Turtjinov – och nu Porosjenkos – straffoperationer inte är några lagliga förband. Det är lätt förklädda privatarméer.

rt.com – Slavyansk blockade: Shelling non-stop, shops closed, no meds, no chance to evacuate

The Ukrainian National Guard continues to shell Slavyansk, completely surrounded by armored vehicles and military checkpoints, locals report. Residents are hiding in cellars without electricity and water and no chance to evacuate from the besieged city.

Press TV – US sending military advisers to Ukraine

Paul Craig Roberts – USA lies grow more audacious

Obama is angry that his National Security Council and the morons he appointed to the State Department and UN were so poorly educated that they did not know that much of the Ukraine consists of former Russian provinces inhabited by Russians. These ignorant Obama-appointed morons thought that they could grab Crimea, evict Russia, and leave Russia without access to the Mediterranean, thus unable to hold on to its naval base in Tartus, Syria, the easier for Washington to invade Syria.

Eric Zuesse – Why Ukraine’s Civil War Is of Global Historical Importance

Lots of people in southeastern Ukraine, as the bombs are raining down on them from Blackwater (now called ‘Academi’) mercenaries and the Kiev Government, are shocked and enraged that Putin hasn’t sent in Russian tanks, but the Russian leader knows that doing that would be exactly what the propagandists in the West are hoping for, in order to provide a pretext for Western governments overtly to provide troops and materiel to the Kiev central government, and really expand this thing.
As I have formerly documented (see those links), the reason for this operation against Russia is basically to preserve the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. If Putin can hold out long enough, the dollar will collapse and so will the U.S. economy; but it’s probably going to happen anyway, and so the longer that Putin remains “weak” against the U.S. assault, the sooner will come that likely U.S. collapse. This will thus be a war of nerves between Obama and Putin: Obama, to hold off the U.S. collapse; and Putin, to prevent a Russian collapse.

Det ser ut som att något verkligt betydelsefullt är på gång i världsekonomin, tänk om den brutala dollar-hegemonin kan gå ner utan att världen behöver uppleva fler ohyggliga krig.
Umberto Pascali – Grand Geopolitical Project: Russia’s Gazprom signs Agreement to Abandon the Dollar

It is fitting to remember in this moment of great hope, the words of one of the very few great living strategists, Gen. Leonid Ivashov. On June 15 2011, reflecting on the savage destruction of Libya, the general who is an unofficial spokesman of the Russian armed forces and has been Russia’s representative in NATO, wrote
“BRICS and the Mission of Reconfiguring the World.”
Whoever challenges the dollar hegemony, explained Ivashov, becomes a target.
He gave precise examples: Iraq, Libya, Iran:
“the countries which defied dollar dominance invariably came under heavy pressure and in a number of cases – under devastating attacks.” But the “the financial empires built by Rothschilds and Rockefellers are powerless against the five largest civilizations represented by the BRICS.”
Thus, Ivashov advocated a coordinated strategy by countries representing half of the world population to win their independence using their own currency.
“The shift to national currencies in the financial transactions between the BRICS countries should guarantee an unprecedented level of their independence…”

Stefan Steinberg – European Central Bank Cuts Interest Rate Below Zero

The move is an expression of the fact that, nearly six years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the world economy remains mired in deep crisis, for which the world’s central banks have no solution outside of pumping trillions into banks and financial firms. While trillions are handed out to the banks, workers throughout the continent are told that there is “no money” to pay for pensions, social programs, and healthcare benefits.

As is the case with all the measures introduced by the world’s central banks since the crisis, the latest rate cuts by the ECB will do nothing to stimulate genuine economic growth. Instead, as was shown by the stock market rally Thursday, the ECB will only serve to fuel new speculative bubbles while further enriching the biggest banks and the millionaires and billionaires that control them.



3 svar to “7 jun”

  1. ABC Says:

    Bra linkar och helt kaos överallt:) Dollar och pengarmängd 🙂
    Sjukt! Undrar hur det ser ut i sverige.. M3 och M4 en pengarmängd vi inte räknar enligt ssb:) En enorm ökning i pengarmängd som inte synes offentligt. Någon som vet var man kan få tag i den statisiken?

    • Stan Says:

      Jag tror inte att det varit någon enorm ökning av penningmängden i Sverige. Penningmängden minskar ju i takt med att banklån betalas av, så om det inte tas ut nya lån i samma takt så minskar penningmängden. Men nu har väl svenskarnas skuldsättning fortsatt i hög takt på sista tiden, vilket sannolikt har att göra med den låga räntan.
      Vet inte om man kan hitta något om detta här – http://positivapengar.weebly.com/index.html

  2. ABC Says:

    ”Jag tror inte att det varit någon enorm ökning av penningmängden” 🙂 Men vore ju intressant och se på pengarmängd i M4 exempelvis:) Att veta hur mycket pengar vi skapar årlig är ju en intressant demokratisk aspekt i national ekonomiskt perpektiv när vi går till valg:) Hur god ekonomi har vi utan pengar skapande?:) 🙂 En graf med ökning i M4 årligen vore god demokratisk information:)

    Monitära systemet är baserat på ett förtroende att land upprätthåller värdet på valutan (ingen gör det). Finnes en gräns för hur länge vi kan skapa pengar utan konsekvens som du vet:) Positiva pengar som gör ett jätte jobb har inte det informationen. Är inte det lite viktigt att veta hur mycket pengar vi skapar årligen (helt sjukt att man inte vet) ? Om USA har ökt M3 radikalt så tror jag att det nog inte är bättre i sverige eller många andra land:) Tyskland ser inte helt ok ut exempelvis:) Vi går mot en ekonomisk och senare en ekologisk kollaps på många plan (tror jag) och varför inte pröva och landa lite lite mjukare…..

    Ukraina och Ryssland. Intressant och fölga dina linkar. Det sker mycket överallt som inte syns i gammal media .


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