6 jun

nsnbc.me – Kiev Continues Onslaught Against Slavyansk

Ukraine’s government continues its military onslaught against rebelling pro-federalization regions in southeastern Ukraine. Military forces carried out sustained artilley attacks and air raids against the city of Slavyansk.

swedish.ruvr.ru – Ukrainska trupper beskjuter återigen Slavjanskområdet

swedish.ruvr.ru – Slavjansk omringat av 80 ukrainska stridsvagnar

Diana Johnstone – Washington’s Iron Curtain in Ukraine

Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of the current charade is the servility of the “old” Europeans. Apparently abandoning all Europe’s accumulated wisdom, drawn from its wars and tragedies, and even oblivious to their own best interests, today’s European leaders seem ready to follow their American protectors to another D-Day … D for Doom.

Can the presence of a peace-seeking Russian leader in Normandy make a difference? All it would take would be for mass media to tell the truth, and for Europe to produce reasonably wise and courageous leaders, for the whole fake war machine to lose its luster, and for truth to begin to dawn. A peaceful Europe is still possible, but for how long?

itar-tass.com – Gazprom signs agreements to switch from dollars to euros

Nine of ten consumers had agreed to switch to euros, may be later contracts will be switch to roubles, the oil company’s head Alexander Dyukov says



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