12 maj

nsnbc.me – Ukraine: First Results of Donetsk & Lughansk Referendum a Clear “No to Kiev”

The first results of the referendum in Donetsk and Lughansk have been announced, showing a resounding majority of voters supporting “an act of independence” for their region. The post-coup government in Kiev ignored calls from Germany, France and Russia to halt military operations and increased the crackdown, resulting in additional death and injured.

zerohedge.com – 400 Blackwater Mercs Deployed In Ukraine Against Separatists, German Press Reports

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – Welcome to Nulandistan: A Multimedia Look at What the US and EU Have Unleashed on Ukraine

The Yatsenyuk regime’s anti-terrorism operations in the southern and eastern oblasts/provinces of Ukraine are really a use of martial force against Ukrainian civilians opposed to the coup-installed regime in Kiev. Predominately peaceful Ukrainian citizens opposing the coup leaders and not “armed separatists” have been the main target of the regime’s militias.
The discourse about “pro-Russian” separatists is a misleading attempt to hide the real nature of the protests against the regime, which is opposition to a coup. The main issue is one of anti-coup protesters versus a junta and not separatists and federalists versus Kiev. To refer to the junta in Kiev as the government of Ukraine is to reject or ignore its illegality

Webster Tarpley – Russia’s moves in Ukraine defensive, not offensive

Current US and NATO propaganda is based on the idea that Russia under President V. V. Putin has been waging an aggressive campaign against Ukraine, but the reality is that Russia’s actions have largely been of a strategically defensive character, although also containing some aggressive tactics.

The main cause of the current conflict is the insistence by Washington and London on organizing a coup d’état in Russia’s largest and most strategically sensitive area.
Putin’s actions have been mainly focused on preventing the rise of a hostile fascist state allied to NATO on his own borders. Russia is merely trying to secure for itself an environment of reasonably benign neighbors, a program not unlike the traditional US Monroe Doctrine.




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