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Putin tillkännagav för ett par dagar sen att alla ryska trupper dragit sig tillbaka från gränsen mot Ukraina, han sa också att man borde vänta med folkomröstningar i östra Ukraina om större självständighet till efter valet som planeras till slutet av maj. Det kan vara så att detta var en respons på uppgifter om stora ukrainska truppansamlingar nära gränsen, och att en false flag-operation planerades. Soldater klädda i ryska uniformer skulle utföra en attack mot de ukrainska trupperna, vilket västmedierna skulle dra igång en stor föreställning om att Ryssland gått in i Ukraina.
Samtidigt pågår stor västlig militär ansamling i östeuropa, och på vissa håll i östra Ukraina förbereder man för folkomröstning i alla fall.

Press TV – Donetsk gears up for referendum

The referendum, expected to be held on May 11, will ask people to answer “Yes” or “No” to the question: “Do you support the act of proclamation of state sovereignty for the Donetsk People’s Republic?”

According to reports, the vote will also be held in a number of towns and cities in neighboring Luhansk region, where activists have formed the Luhansk People’s Republic.

nsnbc.me – The Odessa Massacre in Detail- An Investigation

An investigation into the details of the massacre on more than 40 protesters in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, who rejected to recognize the legality of the US / EU – backed post-coup government in Kiev. This photo and video documentation was compiled by the editor of Strategic Culture Foundation and reveals that the massacre was a premeditated act of mass murder – a mass casualty event, consistent with NATO Unconventional Warfare Doctrine. Text edited by nsnbc. Viewer discretion is advised – Christof Lehmann, editor-in-chief, nsnbc international.

nsnbc.me – House grilled Nuland over US’ Cooperation with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

A two-hour hearing of US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland at the House Foreign Affairs Committee over the Obama administration’s and the US’ role in the developments in Ukraine nailed down Nuland over the United States overt cooperation with and use of neo-Nazis. Nuland tried to dodge questions, explained US plans for Ukraine and told the Committee outright lies about Kiev having “upheld the obligations of the Geneva agreement”. Nuland omitted that Kiev has mobilized Ukraine’s military forces and the presence of large contingents of Ukrainian troops near the Russian border.

8dagar.com – En besvärande video

Den här videon visar hur en dansk soldat (personen i fåtöljen närmast fönstret) leker med ett kikarsikte i ett rum som vetter ut mot Majdan i Kiev.
Det finns flera personer i rummet, uppenbarligen ukrainare i någon typ av icke-statlig styrka.
Personen med kikarsiktet är John G. O. Christensen, som tidigare tjänstgjort i Irak och Afghanistan…

swedish.ruvr.ru – Amerikanska specialstyrkor med vid militärövning i Baltikum

I en militärövning i de tre baltiska staterna kommer cirka 200 soldater från amerikanska specialstyrkor att vara med, rapporterar Associated Press med hänvisning till Pentagon.

voltairenet.org – Putin – Burkhalter talks: an elusive chance for Ukraine

The President of the OSCE met with Vladimir Putin to discuss the situation in Ukraine. The outcome of their encounter is being painted by the Western media as a shift in strategy by Russia. In fact, Moscow has never moved from its position. The agreement between the two men reflects Russia’s wariness of finding herself engulged in a widespread conflict. Hence her choice to draw up a roadmap for exiting the crisis, while knowing that the West will not respect it any more than the February 21 agreement.

Peter Koenig –A New Economic System is Emerging: The NYT “Reports and Distorts”, Head of the OSCE Meets with President Putin

The New York Times– bullhorn of lies for Washington – reports on 8 May 2014, with skeptical intonation and depreciative connotation on Mr. Putin’s press conference of Wednesday, 7 May, where he made a number of important steps of good-will towards easing the tension in Ukraine.

He recommended that the pro-Russia protestors postpone their referendum until after the Ukraine vote on 25 May. He also declared withdrawing Russian troops from the Ukrainian borders and suggested dialogue-dialogue-dialogue among the warring parties, including the opposition. He supported Ms. Merkel’s proposal of a round table discussion – and foremost, he asked all parties to abstain from violence.

This all happened in the context of a high-level meeting between Mr. Putin and the head of OSCE, who also happens to be the President of Switzerland.
However, the NYT article does not mention with one single word this important act of mediation between the Mr. Putin and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, of which Russia is a member –meeting that prompted the press conference in the first place.
Why would the prominent NYT not even mention the high-level OSCE mediation attempt?
Simple. Mentioning the President of OSCE conferring with Mr. Putin, would render the paper’s subsequent lies and slanders of the Russian leader, the only real statesman the world knows at present, highly questionable.

Ännu en mycket bra artikel om Ukraina-situationen – Diana Johnstone – To Understand or Not to Understand Putin

The Western takeover of the Kiev government is clearly a provocation to draw Putin into a trap that certain Western strategists (Zbigniew Brzezinski being the chief theorist) hope will cause Putin’s downfall and plunge Russia into a crisis that can lead to its eventual dismemberment.

globalresearch.ca – Neo-Nazi Crackdown: Regime Soldiers and Paramilitary Killing Civilians in Eastern Ukraine

The following videos were sent to us from a Correspondent in Eastern Ukraine:
Soldiers and Paramilitary are shooting indiscriminately at civilians in the Eastern Ukrainian city of Mariapul on the explicit orders of the Kiev Neo-Nazi regime.
The CIA is advising the government on the conduct of these operations directed against innocent civilians.
Meanwhile the Western media remains silent, tacitly supportive and complicit in the conduct of crimes against humanity in the name of “democracy”.

Pepe Escobar – Putin displays Ukraine Chess Mastery

Kevin Barett – USA insulting world’s intelligence

“They must really think we’re stupid.” That is what people all over the world are saying about the American government and media’s portrayal of world events.

* * *

Jan Oberg – Sweden’s Elite More Loyal with NATO, the US and EU than with its People

Over the last 25-30 years Sweden’s military, security and foreign policy elite has changed Sweden’s policy 180 degrees.

These fundamental changes were initiated by the Social Democratic government under Goran Persson and foreign minister Anna Lindh and have been carried through virtually without public debate.
The rapproachment with interventionism, militarism and US/NATO in all fields has been planned, incremental, furtive and dishonest; in short, unworthy of a democracy.

This elite is more loyal with Brussels and Washington than with the Swedes.
If your image of Sweden is that it is a progressive, innovative and peace-promoting country with a global mind-set and advocate of international law, it is – sad to say – outdated.

The country that once did something for a better world, has joined the militarist world. In a time when both NATO and the US is getting weaker, Sweden’s elite foolishly plans to put all Sweden’s eggs there.

It has no policy vis-a-vis, say, the BRICS countries or any vision of the world in 20 years to navigate towards. It has no ideals, values or commitments, only a ”follow-the-US/NATO and EU” flock mentality.

How the Carl Bildt government converted a proud nation into a subservient US-puppet, and put Swedish national security at risk




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