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8dagar.com – Dagens Ukrainalögner

De lögner massmedierna nu spinner kring händelserna i Ukraina är fler än vad någon hinner nysta ut. Här ett urval ur morgonens skörd. …

Den här artikeln skulle jag vilja översätta till svenska, karaktärssvin ett bra uttryck för propaganda-drängarna och pigorna!
Christof Lehmann – Kiev, OSCE ‘observers’ & character pigs

Eight foreign soldiers, four of them from Germany, were caught in an OSCE vehicle laden with weapons and explosives and accompanied by Ukrainian soldiers.

Dressed in civilian attire, they claimed to be OSCE “Observers”, which OSCE spokesman Claus Neukirch rejected flat out. After their release, western media celebrated the “hostages” as returning heroes. So, what does all of that have to do with journalists and wallowing character pigs?
The answer is rather simple. Most journalists have chosen their profession because they were inspired by a certain measure of idealism and because they love to dig up dirt.
The problem for the vast majority of journalists, however, is that they neither have a sufficient measure of backbone and courage, nor a sufficient measure of integrity. Consequently, they become “Character Pigs” or “Karakterschweine” as a German would call them.

Otäcka bilder igen – Thierry Meyssan – Crime in Odessa

What really happened in the Trade Unions House in Odessa on May 2? The new authorities in Kiev claim that a clash between anti- and pro-Russians degenerated and 38 people were killed in a fire. But the available photos and footage tell a different story.

Odessa tragedy survivor: ‘Many people strangled after escaping the fire’http://rt.com/news/157256-odessa-witness-massacre-ukraine/

Odessa tragedy survivor: ‘Nobody expected such cruelty’




Jim W. Dean – US, NATO absurdity continuing in Ukraine – http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/05/06/361557/us-nato-absurdity-going-on-in-ukraine/

Torsten Kälvemark – Bildts förbindelser med Kiev är farliga – http://www.aftonbladet.se/kultur/article18837085.ab

FM Lavrov: Europe turning blind eye to fascism in Ukraine



2 svar to “7 maj”

  1. Lajma Says:

    http://zavtra.ru/content/view/gorodu-i-miru/ Här är en översättning. En känd operasöngerska från Odessa, Maria GULEGHINA, som har släkten i Odessa vill varna om fascister i Ukraina.

    There are many good voices but there are only a few genius singers. And I can hardly find words to describe Maria Guleghina, a true opera prima donna. Not because her Ave Maria from the Kremlin stage on February 25 left the public ecstatic at how palpable the eternity felt. Not because just a few days after this prayer, we witnessed a miracle – Crimea came home. I can hardly find words because the border between right and wrong is so vague. What makes Maria Guleghina publicly sound alarm from Luxembourg, suffer and mourn the tragic fate of her native Odessa while in return she hears the mob screaming “Putin’s puppet”, “Boycott Guleghina,”… Genius creates art. Scum creates infamy, treason, war chaos.

    Maria Guleghina has replied to my appeal. In these days, so tragic for Odessa she answered our newspaper’s questions. We publish this interview in both Russian and English upon her own request, request of a opera singer with “Verdi in her blood” and victory of 1945 in her heart.

    “ZAVTRA”. Maria, I have seen your post on Facebook, let me quote it: „Black tragic days in Odessa! A referendum is urgently needed! What is happening there – is beyond terrible, I know not only from TV reports, but from my long time friends and relatives living in Odessa, and the truth is much worse than the TV reports!“. These words provoked both delight and anger. Most people thank you for your active social position, for your support. Representatives of the “fifth column” though sneer: “my flat held a referendum and decided to separate from Russia and to annex to Luxembourg”. And this is said in Russia. Not only your career but also your life is connected with Western countries. Aren’t you afraid of the “sanctions”?

    Maria GULEGHINA. Instead of sanctions one needs to be afraid of nationalists’ coming to power and God forbid this will happen in Ukraine. My life is not connected to the West, it is connected to God. I serve him with my heart and soul and my voice. I have been asked numerous times what is to be done so that Ukraine comes out of this crisis. And here is what I think: Ukrainian citizens THEMSELVES must decide how to live and which government to have. Neither Western countries nor ex-citizens of Ukraine, no one has the right to interfere. A referendum must be held.

    “ZAVTRA”. Could you please share with us what your friends, those who were witnesses of the Odessa tragedy, tell you?

    Maria GULEGHINA. Everything we see on TV is less horrible than the truth. I tremble at the thought of retelling you everything I know. For example, why was a mother with two children in her arms hunted into the building and burnt alive? Didn’t she have the right to vote and stand for her children’s life without fascism? Where are human rights here? Where are those who fight for human rights? Where and how were brought up those who slaughtered and tortured to death those who were „only“ partly burned alive? Were they born into this world by mothers or are they factory-made robots?

    “ZAVTRA”. What are your memories of Odessa? What was it like before this tragedy that is beyond understanding, before this atrocity of fascist mob?

    Maria GULEGHINA. It was fantastic! Sunny! Filled with laughter and humor and Dignity! And sea! Sea of love!

    “ZAVTRA”. Maria, why do you think these days EU integration easily gets associated with Fascism? Has the image of a European changed? Is Europe becoming fascist?

    Maria GULEGHINA. Don’t mix all the Europeans with this brown mob. Everything is not that simple. It’s just that some people have forgotten what fascism is! They just don’t understand that once you let the brown plague out…

    “ZAVTRA”. Luxemburg, where you live, is almost the only European country that supported annexation of Crimea to Russia. Have you noticed that?

    Maria GULEGHINA. During its history Luxemburg has been divided again and again. Much land has been given to Belgium, France and Germany. Nowadays Luxemburg is not a big country but the main thing is that it is humane and full of respect towards people, towards their rights and, moreover, it has a government that is truly a people’s government that listens to what its own citizens say, not to the voices from across the border. For example, one can come to the Minister of Foreign affairs and solve all the problems,you can also solve all your problems at City Hall.

    “ZAVTRA”. Today we feel the heroism of our grandparents, fathers and mothers even more deeply. I believe these days you think about your grandmother more and more often.

    Maria GULEGHINA. My grandmother must be turning in her grave while all these atrocities are happening.

    P.S. From Maria Guleghina’s interview for Zavtra newspaper, http://zavtra.ru/content/view/2011-08-3071/, dated August 2011:

    “ZAVTRA”. Your grandmother was a remarkable woman! A war hero!

    Maria GULEGHINA. Not a war hero – she was awarded the Order of Lenin and Order of the Red Banner of Labour. Grandma was an ideal communist. If one can think of an ideal communist, that was her. Nothing for herself, everything for the others. During the war she was a railway station commander and was sending trains with fuel to the battlefields. And after the war she would put on the medals on her dress and would walk around the town looking for homeless mothers with children and handicapped soldiers. She would bring everybody home, feed them and prepare them some straw mattresses to sleep on. And then she would fight with the local council so that these people get places to live in. And she herself was living in a semi-basement room. That was my grandmother, Galina Sergeevna Potapenko.

    translation: Daria Voloshina / Дарья Волошинa.

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