5 april – Ukraina

Russia Today – Relax and do some yoga, Moscow tells sanctions-waving US leaders

The comments came from Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, who was speaking with Interfax news agency about the worst period of tension between Russia and the US over the past two decades.

“The American leadership is apparently stuck, and they just can’t accept the new situation, which arose to a great degree as a result of the deliberate effort of the US and their European allies to bring anti-Russian forces to power in Ukraine,” the diplomat stated.
“What can we advise our American colleagues to do? Spend more time outdoors, do some yoga, have healthy food, probably, watch more comedy series on TV. That would be better than working yourselves and others up, knowing that the train is already departed and that no tantrums, crying and hysterics can help,” he added.

Lavrov Briefs Russians on Western Duplicity and Complicity over Ukraine

In a lengthy interview broadcast on Russia’s Channel One TV two days ago, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave his fellow Russians a detailed report on the ironies of his recent discussions with the new Ukrainian government and his Western counterparts. Russia Today television network made it available for a Western audience, by publishing an English translation of the transcript.

When it comes to the fascist Ukrainian government which seized power in a coup, Lavrov said, his Western colleagues ”keep on telling us that ‘When it’s gone, it’s gone; it can’t be undone. Let bygones be bygones, and let’s be constructive about it and think how you can call off your decision regarding Crimea.’ I’m not exaggerating; that is literally what they keep saying to us,”

8dagar.com – Ryssarnas oro inte hat

Jag tillhör dem som menar att de senaste månadernas händelser inte alls har varit någon uppvisning av rysk nationalism och ”hatpropaganda mot Ukraina”.
Långt därifrån. Däremot har fascisternas frammarsch hos broderfolket slagit an djupa strängar av rysk oro för nya krigshot och fascistiska komplotter.
Rysslands statsledning har genom hela konflikten agerat ytterst återhållsamt och t ex låtit ukrainarna luftövervaka de områden där det i väst påstås att Ryssland laddar upp militärt.

Steve Weissman – Part II: Meet the Americans Who Put Together the Coup in Kiev

Webster Tarpley om Ukrainas historia –
Metaphysical Doubts Concerning the Existence of Modern Ukraine, a 1918 Creation of the German General Staff



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