27 mars

Om samma som igår, Ukraina och varningar för false flag-händelser.

Patrick Martin – Obama’s Speech on Ukraine: Propaganda and Lies

Obama’s speech in Brussels was an attempt to justify a policy towards Russia that is aggressive, provocative and incalculably dangerous.

Former Blackwater Mercenaries Hired as Thought Police in Eastern Ukraine

What does Crimea mean to Russia?

Crimea is not a foreign territory to Russia, which has suddenly decided to join her. It is an essential element of its history, without which Russia today could not exist. The Oriental Review sheds light on the physical bond that unites them.

Merkel not ready to back economic sanctions against Russia – http://rt.com/news/merkel-sanctions-russia-impact-497/
Obama says ‘bigger nations cannot simply bully smaller ones’. Wait… what? – http://rt.com/news/obama-crimea-iraq-invasion-565/
IMF unlocks up to $18 bn for Ukraine’s shattered economy – http://rt.com/business/imf-ukraine-financial-help-105/

Webster Tarpley – Kiev’s Military and Naval Forces Dissolving; Ukrainians Won’t Fight for Putschist-Fascist Clique, but Neocon Madmen Demand That Americans Do So!

Jonathan Cook – More Guardian ‘brainwashing’ on Putin

* * *

Scott Creighton – Flight 370 – Next False Flag May Still be on the Radar

Bill Still har flera videor om det försvunna flygplanet –

World Leaders Play ‘Nuclear War Game’ During Netherlands Summit to Test Nuclear Attack Responses

A diplomatic source told The Telegraph that the heads of state had to react to the films in real time as they were equipped with a computer tablet with a touch screen displaying responses.

“It could be the city of London or Wall Street, Milan or anywhere,” summit goers were told, according to The Telegraph’s report.
“US officials” said the games where meant to give the state leaders at the summit a “scare you to death” feeling that would make then think deeply into their reaction during a nuclear attack.



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