25 mars

Citizens turn up the volume on troubled TTIP negotiations

March 10-14th saw the latest round of the highly controversial EU-US free trade negotiations take place in Brussels. But while the industry’s 50 leading CEO’s, known collectively as the European Roundtable of Industrialists, proclaimed it their responsibility to ensure the deal was passed ‘with as little noise as possible’, citizens from both sides of the Atlantic had other, rather noisy (and sometimes milky) ideas for the Belgian capital.

fler inlägg på ttippen.se om detta.

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nsnbc.me – Ukraine: Pravy Sector Leader Muzychko Shot Dead

The leader of the Ukrainian Pravy Sector, Alexander Muzychko, has been shot dead in western Ukraine tonight. Muzychko had attracted international attention for his overt threats and violence against elected officials and Pravy Sector’s ultra-nationalism, fascist ideology and anti-Semitism. Muzychko warned earlier that he could be killed by Ukraine’s Prosecutor General and Interior Minister. The First Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and police stated that he was shot while resisting arrest.

Om videon i förra inlägget – nyhetsbanken.se – Julija Timosjenkos sista chans

Samtalet utspelas troligen mellan f d premiärminister Julija Timosjenko och Nestor Sjufritj, medlem av Regionernas parti 18 mars 2014 med start kl 23:17. Julija Timosjenko har medgett att samtalet är äkta. Samtalet förs på ryska.

nyhetsbanken.se – Tysk debatt om Svoboda

voltairenet.org – Transnistria seeks to join Russian Federation

The Foreign Affairs Minister of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, the very glamorous Nina Shtanski (photo), welcomed the outcome of Crimea’s referendum on self-determination and recalled that on 17 September 2006, in an analogous vote, 97.2% of Transnistrians had come out in favor of becoming part of the Russian Federation.

itasr-tass.com – Kiev decides to tame eastern Ukraine by foreign mercenaries

Ukrainian authorities plan to attract US private military company Greystone Limited to suppress protest moods of the mostly Russian-speaking population in the east of the country.

Patrick O’Connor – US and NATO Use Ukrainian Crisis to Advance Military Build-Up in Eastern Europe

theulstermanreport.com – Soros and Lagarde’s IMF vs Putin’s Russia – The Ukraine Coup and The War for the World…

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Color Revolutions: The Strategy of the Venezuelan Opposition and How it Works

The phony issue of government repression raised by the opposition and the private media is an essential part of the script. Without the issue there is really no justification for the opposition’s sole demand for regime change embodied in the slogan “salida” (exit). Certainly there are pressing problems in Venezuela including shortages of basic (and some non-basic) commodities, inflation and delinquency. But these problems do not justify the overthrow of the government. If these were the issues, people in general would say “wait until the next elections and vote the Chavistas out of office.”
Obviously, the opposition’s strategy is either create conditions that may set off a coup (which is highly unlikely given the military’s well demonstrated loyalty) or (much more likely) bring about a wearing out process in which in the next electoral cycle the average voter supports opposition candidates who distance themselves from the violence allegedly coming from both sides.

NATO’s War against Yugoslavia was based on Lies



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