23 mars

Tydligen kom man överens om en bank-union i EU i veckan – carlnorberg.wordpress.com

så kan vi konstatera att EU slöt ett fördrag om bankunion – skuldansvarsunion – igår eller möjligen dagen före, alltså ett bail – in system för att rädda bankernas balansräkningar om en involverande bank havererar i ett annat land. Ja, vad skall man säga….tydligen en sak i alla fall – att det inte är så överdrivet viktigt för medierna att belysa just denna aspekt av saken.

Förväntar mig att larouche.se kommer med en närmare förklaring om vad det innebär, någon av de närmaste dagarna.

* * *


Umberto Pascali – The Ukraine Crisis and Vladimir Putin: A New Financial System Free from Wall Street and the City of London?

The most important point to understand is that this war and looting policy is not in the interest of the Europeans or even of the Americans.
This is the big secret that now cannot be covered anymore. The governments of the US and the European countries are NOT independent entities, they are not sovereign. They do not have the will or even the ability to act on behalf of their people. They are controlled by powerful banking interests. They have been taken over by two financial centers that do not care for the real economy. They pursue only speculation and looting.

Christopher Booker – Ukraine fiasco marks end of the EU’s imperial dream

The EU, dedicated to eliminating national identity, has finally run up against the rock of a national interest that will not give way

Tony Cartalucci – West’s antiquated unipolar world collides with the East’s vision of a mulipolar future

In Reuters’ 2007 article, “Putin says Russia threatened by ‘Unipolar World’,” Russian President Vladimir Putin stated:
“Some people are constantly insisting on the necessity to divide up our country and are trying to spread this theory.”
Reuters would also quote President Putin as saying:
“There are those who would like to build a unipolar world, who would themselves like to rule all of humanity.”

While Reuters then attempted to spin the comments as Russian paranoia, in the wake of recent events in Ukraine, the timelessness and accuracy of President Putin’s assessment years ago are apparent.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Irresponsible media to blame for world tension

Who is to blame for the current atmosphere of crisis around the world, who is to blame for the increase of tension to fever pitch, who is to blame for taking our societies to breaking point? Rather than any nation, it is the irresponsibility of the controlled media groups, brainwashing the hearts and minds of humankind

Press TV – East Ukrainians rally in support of Crimea-style vote

Thousands of people have staged rallies in at least two major Eastern Ukrainian cities, calling for a referendum like the one held in the Crimean region to secede from the former Soviet state and join Russia.

Webster Tarpley’s senaste rapport – http://tarpley.net/repatriation-of-crimea-to-russia-a-fait-accompli/

Pepe Escobar – Russian sanctions as war and farce

Moscow – the number one oil and gas exporter on the planet – can also play further hardball with Europe’s dependency on Gazprom; clinically target US companies working in Russia; speed up the BRICS-coordinated escape from the US dollar, as in a new international payment system in a basket of currencies for the BRICS as well as other emerging markets; and even activate the ultimate economic nuclear bomb – which is to accept payment for Russian oil and gas in ruble, yuan, euros or gold, thus delivering a terminal blow to the petrodollar.

F William Engdahl – Ukraine’s Delusional Energy Calculus full of Shale

One of the stories seen these days is that the Ukraine fight is all about capturing her huge reserves of shale gas and oil. Leading Ukrainian government officials, even under the hapless Yanukovich cabinet, have become convinced a Ukrainian pot of gold lies in their shale rocks.

They teamed up with British and American oil giants to exploit the huge reserves of unconventional shale gas and oil from the country’s eastern shale rock formations. The Anglo-Dutch Shell company along with the US Chevron had already signed contracts to develop the shale potentials of Ukraine. There’s one problem the naïve Ukrainians haven’t yet found out about: The US “shale revolution” is a Wall Street hype.

Diana Johnstone – Color Revolutions: Ukraine and Yugoslavia, When Will Americans Come to Their Senses?

globalresearch.ca – Western Mercenaries in Ukraine?

EU-Ukraine Trade Deal Paves the Way for Brutal Economic Austerity. IMF to Apply “The Greek Model”



WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON IN VENEZUELA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVdel510hRk


rt.com – 101 injured, 29 arrested in Madrid as anti-austerity march turns violent




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