Är galningarna, de mörkrets makter som styr USA, verkligen ute efter att provocera fram krig mot Nordkorea? Eller handlar det mest om att flytta fram positionerna mot Kina och Ryssland? I takt med att västs finansbaroners finansiella system blir allt mer skakigt kan man vänta sig vad som helst.

Stephen Gowans – Washington’s “Playbook” for Provoking North Korea

In an April 3 Wall Street Journal article, “U.S. dials back on Korean show of force,” reporters Adam Entous and Julian E. Barnes revealed that the White House approved a detailed plan, called ‘the playbook,’ to ratchet up tension with North Korea during the Pentagon’s war games with South Korea.
The war games, which are still in progress, and involve the deployment of a considerable amount of sophisticated US military hardware to within striking distance of North Korea, are already a source of considerable tension in Pyongyang, and represent what Korean specialist Tim Beal dubs “sub-critical” warfare.

The playbook was developed by the Pentagon’s Pacific Command, to augment the war games that began in early March, and was discussed at several high-level White House meetings, according to the Wall Street Journal reporters.
The plan called for low-altitude B-52 bomber flights over the Korean peninsula, which happened on March 8. A few weeks later, two nuclear-capable B-2 bombers dropped dummy payloads on a South Korean missile range. The flights were deliberately carried out in broad daylight at low altitude, according to a U.S. defense official, to produce the intended minatory effect. “We could fly it at night, but the point was for them to see it.” [2]
A few days ago, the Pentagon deployed two advanced F-22 warplanes to South Korea, also part of the ‘play-book’ plan to intimidate Pyongyang.
According to Entous and Barnes, the White House knew that the North Koreans would react by threatening to retaliate against the United States and South Korea.
In a March 29 article, Barnes wrote that “Defense officials acknowledged that North Korean military officers are particularly agitated by bomber flights because of memories of the destruction wrought from the air during the Korean War.”

‘US amasses nukes in Asia-Pacific to target China, Russia’, som text – Press TV has interviewed Mike Billington, Executive Intelligence review, Leesburg

Missa inte den här mycket intressanta intervjun – The North Korea (DPRK) – Situation; Exclusive Interview with Dr. Kiyul Chung

With Kim Jong-un’s new leadership, it seems that compared to the past, the DPRK is ready not only militarily, but also economically. Or, there is a sense of confidence in their own way of development, of their own domestic economic development, and they continue to reach out to the international community, and to relate to other people by bringing in people like Dennis Rodman, Google’s former president, or AP or Reuters.
The message is that while it is engaging in real, serious, life-and-death situation to fight with the US in a 70-year-long and still ongoing hard struggle, the DPRK is at the same time wide open. We are part of the international community; don’t make us look like “demons”. We are part of the world.

North Korea: DPRK Official Statement: The Objective is to Safeguard our Sovereignty against “U.S. Reckless Campaign for a Nuclear War against the DPRK”

Om Nordkorea på

US F-22 jets join S. Korea war games, ‘situation on knife’s-edge’, James Corbett



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