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Tänk om Nordkorea hade flugit ett av sina modernaste bombplan, som brukar laddas med kärnvapen, mot USA och släppt övningsbomber strax utanför amerikanskt territorium. Hur det hade låtit i de regimtrogna västmedierna kan man föreställa sig. Precis en sån övning genomfördes nyligen, fast med ombytta roller, det var USA som flög mot Nordkorea. Så vem är det som står för provokationerna?

Brian Becker – The war danger in Korea, Pentagon’s false propaganda conceals truth about crisis

The American war propaganda machine does a thorough job in misleading the public about the high-stakes struggle the Pentagon is waging against North Korea.
On March 28, the Obama administration ordered and the Pentagon executed a mock bombing attack on North Korea by U.S. B-2 stealth bombers equipped to drop nuclear bombs—the most advanced nuclear-capable plane in the U.S. Air Force. In recent months, the U.S. has also used nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to simulate the bombing of North Korea.
The B-2s, each of which costs taxpayers more than $3 billion, dropped inert bombs near North Korea.
It is not necessary to speculate how the United States would react if North Korea sent nuclear-capable bombers close to U.S. territory and dropped inert bombs as part of a “war game.” By itself, this B-2 mock bombing of North Korea cost approximately $5.5 million, according to Foreign Policy magazine. The B-2 flights by some estimates cost $135,000 per hour—almost double that of any other military airplane, according to a report from the Center for Public Integrity.

It is not possible to overstate the impact on North Korea of this week’s simulated destruction of their country and people by U.S. war planes.
Between 1950 and 1953, U.S. bombers carpet-bombed North Korea so relentlessly that a main complaint of U.S. pilots became the absence of anything left to bomb. By July 1953, when an armistice was signed ending open military hostilities, there was not one structure standing higher than one story left in North Korea.

Few people in the United States know the real situation. The work of the war propaganda machine is designed to make sure that the American people do not join together to demand an end to the dangerous and threatening actions of the Pentagon on the Korean Peninsula.
The propaganda campaign is in full swing now as the Pentagon climbs the escalation ladder in the most militarized part of the planet. North Korea is depicted as the provocateur and aggressor whenever they assert that they have the right and capability to defend their country. Even as the Pentagon simulates the nuclear destruction of a country that it had already tried to bomb into the stone-age, the corporate-owned media characterizes this extremely provocative act as a sign of “resolve” and a measure of “self-defense.”

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För ca 3 veckor sen gick Nato’s avdelning för psykologisk krigföring till angrepp mot Nordkorea, i samband med att USA och Sydkorea tillsammans med andra länder inledde en stor militärövning (som fortfarande pågår), vilket föranledde Nordkorea att komma med varnande uttalanden om att man skulle slå tillbaka vid ett eventuellt angrepp. Sen dess har det varit tyst, fram till för någon dag sedan. Då genomförde USA en spektakulär övning med bombplan laddade med kärnvapen som flög från USA i ett fejkat angrepp mot Nordkorea, och igen kom förnyade varnade uttalanden från Nordkorea. De ynkliga knähundsmedierna ställer lydigt upp och ger den gamla vanliga bilden att det är Nordkorea som är orsak till den förhöjda spänningen i området!
Det är med stor tacksamhet gentemot Christof Lehmann som jag här länkar till hans mycket insiktsfulla och värdefulla nya artikel om Nordkorea. Som så många gånger förr när jag tar del av ett särskilt viktigt inlägg är min första tanke att jag ska översätta det till svenska, men inser snabbt att läsarna troligen är minst lika bra på engelska som jag, så ta del av originalet. Tack och lov att vi inte behöver nöja oss med mainstreammediernas billiga, oanständiga, köpta propaganda längre!
North Korea Declares State of War after US Simulated Nuclear Attack with B-2 Stealth Bomber, International Media and Governments, including Russia, Cover-Up True Reasons for Korea Crisis

Russia, China and the USA avoid addressing the real causes of the crisis. Neither the Russian, the Chinese, the US-American nor any European government has so far addressed the actual causes of the Korea Crisis. In fact, both Russia, China and the USA seem to do their best to cover them up. The recent round of sanctions against the DPRK, which triggered the crisis, which violate international law and further isolate the country, are primarily motivated by Russian, Chinese as well as US ambitions to obstruct the development of North Korea’s national economy and the opening of the country’s economy to foreign markets and investors.
Contrary to the image which is systematically conveyed in both western and many eastern mainstream media, the young Korean head of state, Kim Yong-Un has studies in Schweitz, he is well versed in economic theory, he is burning to modernize the North Korean economy and to open it for selected Asian and European partners, and, to make matters worse for the USA, Russia and China, he has the support of the country’s military as well as the support of the Communist Party of Korea.

Scott Creighton – Amid tangle of lies (Cheonan, Cyber Attacks, Photoshopped War Plans) the New York Times is Warmongering Again

Over at the “liberal” New York Times, they’re warmongering again. Not uncharted ground for the storied publication to be sure. They’ve been here before, many times. But today they’re offering up one lie after another about the recent history of North Korea surely with malice in their hearts and regime change on their minds. The only way to succeed in a corrupt and demonstrative world is to pluck out one’s own eyes and forge heroically ahead in the self-imposed darkness side by side with your Vichy colleagues .
And honestly, it seems almost like the Times is putting forward what would amount to a not-so-veiled threat of future violence and the promise that it will be unquestioningly blamed on North Korea .. again.
The article is called “Pynongyang Blusters and U.S. Worries About Quieter Risk” and from start to finish it’s loaded with deliberate lies… lies that are proven deceit, if you only know the history of the world we live in.

‘US liable for possible global nuclear war’, Jeff Steinberg with the Executive Intelligence Review weekly in an interview with Press TV (som text) – Russia concerned over military beef-up around Korean Peninsula

Moscow is worried that the unilateral attempts to influence the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) could trigger dangerous developments of the situation in the Korean Peninsula, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday.

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