elefanten i rummet

EBC entire system based on usury: Chris Dorsey, interview with Chris Dorsey, economic and political commentator

Press TV: Mr. Dorsey, what has become of the European economy with Cyprus being its latest victim?

Dorsey: Well number one, I’d like to say when talking about the European Union one is talking about the governmental arm for the European Central Bank which is the European arm of the international Zionist banking cartel that exhibited itself in United States with the Federal Reserve Bank, in Russia with the Bank of Russia and they all take their margin orders from the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

And when discussing the operations of the European Central Bank and the Bank for International Settlements and the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of China etc., one is only talking about one thing and that is the Elephant in the room and that is the entire system is based on usury, it is based on a small number of people creating money from nothing and then charging the citizens of what used to be sovereign nations, usurious interest with no legitimate or lawful authority to do so.

Russia Today – UK sends flight loaded with €1million to Cyprus based troops

foxbusiness.com – S&P Warns of Socially Explosive Situation in Euro Zone

Christof Lehmann – Leaked EU Report; EU to spend Millions, monitoring and targeting critical Media, Journalists and Social Media


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  1. Anonym Says:

    Ancorias vd, John E. Loizou hävdar att det är ryska pengar på cypriotiska bankkonton som är målet för lagstiftarna.

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