Evo Morales


Det är väl ingen alltför vågad gissning att hyenorna sen länge gjort sig beredda för att försöka utnyttja situationen i samband med Chavez’s död.

Scott Creighton – The Vile Vultures of the Washington Consensus Can’t Wait to Pick Hugo’s Bones Clean – President Chavez is Dead

As the civilized world grieves, the American Ghoul Class kicks into high gear frothing at the mouth and chomping at the bit to get into a thriving social democracy and chop it up for the bankers, Bechtel and Walmart. An entire nation of potential new slaves just waiting for the harvest.

Christof Lehmann – BREAKING NEWS: Venezuela´s Vicepresident Nicolas Maduro “President Hugo Chavez has died”

Venezuelan´s throughout the country are in mourning and in chock, expecting that the opposition, supported by imperialist forces from abroad, would be taking advantage of the situation.

Tony Cartalucci – US Plots Conquest of Venezuela in Wake of Chavez’ Death

The fate of Venezuela lies in its people’s hands. Covert destabilization must be faced by the Venezuelan people, while the alternative media must do its best to unravel the lies already being spun ahead of long-planned operations in ”post-Chavez Venezuela.” For the rest of us, we must identify the corporate-financier interests driving this agenda, – interests we most likely patronize on a daily basis, and both boycott and permanently replace them to erode the unwarranted influence they have used, and will continue to use against the Venezuelan people, as well as people across the globe.


Kort efter jag gjort det här inlägget kom beskedet att Venezuelas president Hugo Chavez avlidit. Och så fick jag syn på den här artikeln – US Embassy Officials Expelled from Venezuela, Government Warns of “Conspiracy Plans”

Vice-president Nicolas Maduro today denounced destabilisation plans by the international and Venezuelan right wing, announcing the expulsion of two US officials for threatening military security

Maduro made the announcement today just after midday, following a meeting this morning with Venezuela’s political military leadership.
Maduro pronounced the expulsion of diplomat David del Monaco, and Air Attaché Deblin Costal of the US embassy in Caracas for being implicated in “conspiracy plans”.
“They have 24 hours to pack their bags and leave,” Maduro said.
He explained that Monaco had, for the last few weeks, been contacting members of the Venezuelan military in order to bring about a destabilisation plan in Venezuela.

Maduro concluded his public announcement by saying, “Men and women loyal to Chavez, we’re going to continue with our duties, so that no single program for the people is held back”.
“Venezuela’s political and military leadership is united, we call on the people to close ranks, to unite forces, and to pray for our comandante,” he said.

slut på uppdateringen ________________

En politiker från den fria delen av världen – Evo Morales President of Bolivia on Syria, Iran and Imperialism – jag kan inte på rak arm komma på någon svensk politiker som talar så här självständigt och uppriktigt

En ny artikel med sydamerikansk anknytning – Adrian Salbuchi – Mafia State: The US is the Don Corleone of International Politics

South America – Venezuela in particular – has been the target of a coordinated campaign by the US government and private industry over the past few years. But those of us who have been paying attention know this is nothing new.
WikiLeaks recently published new documents showing that US global intelligence corporations like Stratfor and its foreign offshoot CANVAS worked hard over the past decade (aided and abetted by US Government agencies) in a failed attempt to overthrow Venezuela’s democratically elected president Hugo Chavez.


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