ökad hotbild mot Iran


Kourosh Ziabari – Nobel Peace Prize for Those who Declared War on My Country

Are the leaders of the European Union recognizing that their sanctions are taking a heavy toll on the innocent, ordinary Iranian citizens and shattering the ambitions and aspirations of thousands of youths who cannot realize their dreams due to the financial problems which have tumbled on their lives?

Waging wars does not take place simply by means of bombarding cities or dropping nuclear bombs on other nations. What the European Union has been doing with Iran is the unmistakable representation of an all-out war in which the ordinary citizens are the silent victims.


EU ban on Press TV declaration of war on Iran: Expert

Eric Walberg – Iran vs the Empire: Fighting dollarization

The West’s attempts to destroy the Iranian economy through heightened sanctions-including most imports, oil exports and use of banks for trade operations-is having its affect.
According to Johns Hopkins University Professor Steve Hanke, Iran is facing hyperinflation, with a monthly inflation rate of nearly 70% per month and its national currency, the rial, plummeting in value against western currencies.

The possibility looms that the US will undertake yet another criminal invasion of a Muslim country, recapitulating its war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. The real analogy for Iran is wartime. During war, all countries ration scarce goods, and people unite and accept sacrifice in the face of the enemy. This is the only solution for Iran today unless it agrees to join the US-dollar denominated empire as a junior member. Hanke’s patient could well die under the ‘anesthesia’ of US-Israeli bombs, but the Iranian people are proud and will fight for their dignity till their dying breath. The worries about hyperinflation will then pale in comparison to the real ”foreign factors”, and the US will face the revenge of history for its criminal actions.
Most countries are too afraid of the US wolf to stand up to it. There are exceptions. China, Russia, India and South Korea have not abandoned ‘the patient’. Egypt is establishing diplomatic and economic relations with Iran in defiance of the US. Hopefully other ‘Arab Spring’ countries will join Iran in pursuing a policy of justice for the Middle East, working together to undo the horrendous legacy of US imperialism in the region. Someday, ‘dollarization’ will be a shibboleth, consigned to the ‘ash heap of history.’

Press TV ban aims at regime change: Franklin Lamb

slut på uppdateringen ______________

Iran utsätts redan för ekonomisk krigföring genom illasinnade sanktioner som gör tillvaron onödigt svår för den iranska befolkningen. Mediernas anti-Iran-propaganda har pågått så länge man minns. Nyligen blockerades Press TV och flera andra iranska TV-kanaler från Europa, se slutet av förra inlägget och Motvallsbloggen och nyhetsbanken.se – EU-censur bäddar för ”rätt” Iran-TV , och strax därefter startades en ny TV-kanal i London som är motståndare till Irans styre. Lägg därtill att USA för ca en månad sen plockade bort MEK, terrorist-organisationen som genomfört många dåd i Iran, från listan över terroristorganisationer, så framträder en bild av ett klart ökat hot mot Iran! I artikeln nedan beskrivs hur Mujahadin-e Khalq, MEK, har träningsläger i Irak (Camp Ashraf) som skyddas av USA.
Videor som nämns i artikeln men som det inte finns länkar till där – CNN Report: Mojahedin in Iraq (MEK or PMOI)
Camp Ashraf – Iraq och artikeln av Seymour M. Hersh – Our Men in Iran? (länkarna från – Mujahedin-e Khalq: America’s protected terrorists gearing up against Iran)
Denna gången måste världssamfundet vara mer vaken och alert innan det hinner gå för långt och ett nytt Libyen och Syrien-scenario är i full gång!

Veronika Krasheninnikova – Mujahadin-e Khalq: America’s protected terrorists gearing up against Iran

Now is the time for Russia and the world community to take active political measures preventing the United States from launching another proxy war in the Middle East. The MEK is much better trained and prepared for war than the Syrian rebels were at the beginning of the conflict, or even today. The MEK has all the necessary capabilities to become the military arm of an American attack against Iran. This time – unlike in Syria – the world should not ignore the march to war, and must take steps to prevent it from happening again.


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