new new world order

Har samlat lite citat och länkar till artiklar som har det gemensamt att de inger visst hopp om att en alternativ världsordning ska kunna få chansen, att det anglo-amerikanska imperiet har problem att genomföra sina planer på total världsdominans. Ännu har man inte lyckats knäcka Syrien. Non Aligned Movement, NAM, har haft ett stort möte med ca 120 länder som deltagare i Iran…

Andrei Volodin – Syria And Formation Of Multi-Polar, Post-American World

The West is no longer the hub of the universe. The new global order will form through the development of horizontal cooperation between countries and regions. Also in store is the establishment of new regional and trans-regional economic and political institutions and development of their networks. Any attempt to reshape the global map by a group of states provokes a response from institutions, such as the Nonaligned Movement and BRICS.

Peter Eyre säger så här i samband med en artikel av Ghaleb Kandil – Why Syria will not fall

Remember this is only one small part of the New World Order’s Master Plan to take out at least 7 Islamic countries. This plan was first raised by that evil satanic Zionist – Paul Wolfwitz almost 20 years ago and clearly shows their intention to protect Israel by attempting to divide and conquer adjacent countries……..unfortunately for them things are not now going so well and their empire is about to lose its stranglehold of world dominance………there is a new power emerging and I know who they are…..time will tell.

James Petras – Iran’s Strategic Diplomatic Victory over the Washington-Israeli Axis: Its Larger Political Consequences

Temporarily the NAM conference may have lessened the threat of a military attack against Iran , at least by the US and the EU – by demonstrating the political cost of alienating two thirds of the UN Assembly. Nevertheless by demonstrating Israel ’s total isolation, (and truly pariah status in the international community), NAM may have heightened the pathological paranoia of the Israeli leadership and hastened its move toward a catastrophic war.

The mobilization of the NAM members in the UN General Assembly is crucial to withstand the blackmail, bribes, threats and corruption which are used by the Western powers to secure majorities on crucial votes regarding US sanctions, coups and military intervention.

Jean Bricmont – Towards an “Alternative New World Order”

Bricmont believes that the Non-Aligned Movement countries can move toward establishing a new world order based on the communal interests of the member states.

Ismail Salami – NAM: Towards breaking West’s power monopoly

It is time the US stopped playing the guru, and thinking and making decisions for other countries. As a first step, the NAM member states should make efforts to liberate the UN Security Council from its servile captivity to the US and its allies

Lyndon LaRouche – En krigsplan för att förhindra ett tredje världskrig

Just nu hänger allting i luften. Vi vet inte när en stor krasch kan inträffa. Vi kan bara kämpa för att försöka hindra att det sker. Det finns en chans, men det kommer att bli en tuff strid.

Detta är kärnan i mitt budskap här. Vi befinner oss i ett läge där hela mänsklighetens framtid faktiskt står på spel. Men samtidigt finns det mäktiga krafter, mäktiga nationer, och andra, som kan lösa problemen här och nu, om de samarbetar med varandra. Men först måste vi bli medvetna om problemen, och medvetna om lösningarna. Vi måste bli medvetna om några av de saker som de flesta nationer har svårt att förstå. Och eftersom vi behöver samarbete måste vi sätta fart med att skapa den nödvändiga förståelsen, för att göra det som vi måste göra.

Paul Craig Roberts – The Declining West: Tragedy or Comedy?

During the Vietnam War, Sweden was an independent country with a moral conscience, and Sweden gave sanctuary to US war protestors who refused the draft. Washington realized the cost to itself and purchased the Swedish government in order to prevent a reoccurrence of moral conscience on the part of any Western government.

Mark Weisbrot writing in Aljazeera has this to say about Washington’s use of its puppet government in Sweden to pursue Julian Assange for publishing leaked documents that reveal Washington’s mendacity and deception of other countries:

“Like many European countries, including of course the UK, Sweden’s foreign policy is closely allied with that of the US government. This is not the first time that Sweden has collaborated with its Washington allies to violate human rights and international law. In 2001, the Swedish government turned over two Egyptians to the CIA so that they could be sent to Egypt, where they were tortured.

All Western countries do Washington’s bidding and are complicit in Washington’s crimes. Washington or Israel–essentially the same thing–has caused the puppet government in Canada to end Canada’s diplomatic relations with Iran for no reason whatsoever. The Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird in an unusual show of ignorance, even for him, condemned Iran as a “threat to global security.” No intelligent person could possibly believe that Iran comprises a threat to global security.

Western nations have become a caricature of hypocrisy. If Western countries weren’t armed with nuclear weapons, the larger world would be rolling in laughter.


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  1. Perre Says:

    Den här från Paul Craig Roberts är inte heller så dum:

    Klicka för att komma åt 2012-September—Roberts-letter.pdf

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