Non Aligned Movement

Världssamfundet håller ett stort möte i Iran, som västmedierna anstränger sig till det yttersta för att förringa betydelsen av eller tiga ihjäl! Stackars de gamla döende medierna, de får det allt svårare och gör sig allmer till åtlöje (nu stänger t.o.m. Studio Ett sina kommentarsfält).

Finian Cunnigham – Iran NAM summit sends message of peace

When the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement convenes in the Iranian capital this weekend, it promises to be the greatest show on earth – a show of international solidarity and peaceful coexistence – in the face of imperialist aggression and threat of all-out world war.

Some 120 nations share membership of the movement, representing 55 percent of the world’s population and nearly two-thirds of the United Nations body. Indeed, the NAM is sometimes referred to as the “real United Nations” as it is seen to be more democratically representative of the mutual interests of the world’s majority than the Western-dominated UN with its self-appointed Security Council.
While the United States and Western allies arrogantly invoke the mantle of “the international community, “the Non-Aligned Movement can rightfully lay claim to this title, with appropriate legitimacy. When the US and former colonial powers Britain and France talk about “the international community,” what this actually refers to is their own cabal of elite power and unilateral geopolitical self-interest

In the face of US-led imperialist aggression in several regions, the countries of the world are standing up and saying: “Enough is enough”.


The Non Aligned Movement consists of some 120 members and 17 observer members. Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, in 1979 defined the purpose of the Non Aligned Movement as ”the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries” in their ”struggle against imperialism colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism and all forms of foreign aggression.” Lots of revolutionary ideas but how close is NAM to this vision will be looked at on this News Analysis.”

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya The NAM Summit, Iran, and Syria: A Coup against the West?, Can the NAM Summit bridge the Iran-Egypt Gap?

The US and NATO which very generously and misleadingly throw around the term “international community” when they are referring to themselves are really a global minority that pale in comparison to the international grouping formed by the NAM. Any agreements or consensuses drilled out by the NAM represent not only the bulk of the international community, but also the non-imperialist international majority or those countries that have traditionally been viewed as the “have-nots.” Unlike at the UN, the “silent majority” will have its voice heard with little adulteration and perversion from the confederates of NATOistan.

The NAM gathering in Tehran signifies an important event. It demonstrates that Iran is genuinely not internationally isolated like the images that the United States and major European Union powers, such as the UK and France, like to continuously project. Atlanticist media are scrambling to explain this situation and the Israelis are clearly upset.




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