amerikanska militären och det amerikanska systemet

Det är alltså så att amerikanska militären bromsar och gör motstånd mot de allra värsta galenskaperna som de styrande finans-ayatollorna kommer med! ‘US military reins in White House warmongers’
”A recent Pentagon draft report entitled a ”Decade of War” has highlighted how ”strategic leadership repeatedly failed” in a decade of US-led wars. Lawrence Freeman from the Executive Intelligence Weekly told RT it is now the military keeping a bellicose White House in check
Det som sägs på videon finns utskrivet HÄR

Lawrence Freeman: I think you have to realize the military right now in the United States is playing a very critical role. [It is] the key and major institution that is pushing back against President Obama and a NATO commitment for an intervention into Syria, very much like President Putin is pushing back very aggressively from Russia.

LF: That’s exactly the point that I’m making. General Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has opposed a military intervention into Syria, into Iran precisely for this reason. That once you start these kinds of interventions, especially in those countries, you’re going past a point of simple combat. You’re threatening the danger of nuclear war. Because President Putin and others have made very clear they will not agree to a UN Security Council [resolution] for such intervention. The military right now is saying ‘NO, NO, NO! Don’t stick us in another one of these situations, we don’t want this, and if you do, this thing could escalate to an actual nuclear war, and we’re opposed to this.’ So I would say that the military right now is probably more sane and more thoughtful in defending the interests of the United States than President Obama is at this moment.

Webster Tarpley förklarar vad ”det amerikanska systemet” innebär. Så här kommenterar Scott Creighton: ”An outstanding system which created the first majority middle class in human history and made the United States the envy of the rest of the industrialized world. But it also created a pure hatred in the hearts and minds of the oligarchs who knew there were massive profits to be made if only they could convince the people that the extremely efficient and effective system they had was wrong for them and accept a neo-feudal system in it’s place.”

Ellen Brown brukar också kalla ett sunt penningsystem där en suverän nation själv skapar de pengar landet behöver, utan att sätta landet i skuld hos några privata företag, för det amerikanska systemet.

America’s greatest days can still be ahead of us; but for this to happen, we need to expose and root out the deceptive banking scheme that would enslave us to a future of debt and increasing homelessness in this great country our forefathers founded. The time has come for democracy to rise superior to a private banking cartel and take back the power to create money once again. Such a transformation would represent the most epochal and empowering shift that humanity has ever seen.

Här är Ellen Browns senaste artikel med lösningar åt Greklands ekonomiska situation – Greece and the Euro: Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover

Video med Nigel Farage om euro-fiaskot. ”A hundred billion [euro] is put up for the Spanish banking system, and 20 per cent of that money has to come from Italy. And under the deal the Italians have to lend to the Spanish banks at 3 per cent but to get that money they have to borrow on the markets at 7 per cent. It’s genius isn’t it. It really is brilliant.”


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  1. Kerstin Says:

    och här tysk man säga det rakt motsatta mot vad Lawrence Freeman säger till RT:

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