Double Standards

Double Standards med Afshin Rattansi från 9 jun, om upp olika ämnen men en intervju om Syrien tar upp andra halvan av programmet.

The war is on, the Western media are clamoring for an aerial bombardment of Damascus and the US, NATO and al-Qaeda units are ready for a wider war, and this edition of the show examines the Syrian crisis. Goldman Sachs ramps up its opportunity to create jobs in the White House, the Irish debate the pros and cons of the European Union’s austerity measures; and Syria’s developments are the major issues reviewed by Afshin Rattansi. Afshin also interviews Haitham Alsibahi from the Syrian Social Club to talk about the rapidly deteriorating situation in Syria. He will also comment on the recent massacre in Houla. 2012 Bilderberg Conference in Virginia, the US drone attacks killing innocent people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, the conspiracy against Julian Assnage’s Wikileaks, Tony Blair at the Levenson Enquiry


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