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Mycket bra artikel av Stephen Gowans – Gadhafi’s crime: Making Libya’s economy work for Libyans – om hur besvärade oljebolagen har varit över att i deras tycke för mycket av intäkterna av Libyens olja kommit libyska folket till del. I USA talade man t.ex. 2007 om; “growing evidence of Libyan resource nationalism”. Som Gowans säger, det är ju inget bevis för att angreppet mot Libyen handlade om olja, men det är ju i linje med vad man har anledning att misstänka var en av anledningarna.

The Wall Street Journal of 5 May offers evidence, additional to that already accumulated, that last year’s NATO military intervention in Libya was rooted in objections to the Gadhafi government’s economic policies.
According to the newspaper, private oil companies were incensed at the pro-Libyan oil deals the Gadhafi government was negotiating and “hoped regime change in Libya…would bring relief in some of the tough terms they had agreed to in partnership deals” with Libya’s national oil company.

Gadhafi’s sins weren’t crimes against humanity but actions in its service. His reputation blackened, government overthrown, country besieged from without and destabilized from within, his life was ended for daring to enact a radical idea—pressing the economy into the service of the people of his country, rather than the people of his country and their natural resources into the service of foreign business interests.

T.J. Coles – One Year On. Why we attacked Libya

In 2000, in response to Euro-American liberalisation demands, Gaddafi agreed, in rhetoric but not in practice, to privatise the oil sector.

At this point, MI6 switched from supporting anti-Gaddafi terrorists to supporting Gaddafi, shortly after which SAS mercenaries were authorised by the Gordon Brown government to train Gaddafi’s forces. Despite this new alliance, Gaddafi would not play ball.


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