intervju med Lizzie Phelan

UPPDATERING: video med intervjun kan nu ses på Lizzie Phelans blogg

Lizzie Phelan har intervjuats av New York Times, mycket intressant, hon har skrivit ut hela intervjun innan de har publicerat sin version, de ska tydligen publicera en video i morgon – New York Times interview with Lizzie Phelan – Hon ger mycket bra svar inom ett mycket viktigt ämne, det är absolut dags att sluta se västmedierna som oberoende och objektiva på något sätt!
Hon befinner sig nu i Syrien och var i Libyen under tiden för NATO-bombningarna.

Why is the NYT concerned about my work for Russia Today and Press TV? I challenge you to find me specific examples of journalists that work for these organisations that have engaged in bad journalistic practise. Why are you not concerned about journalists who work for Al Jazeera that is funded by and reflects the foreign policy of the Qatari emir and royal family. Al Jazeera has been proven many times over in the past few months to have published false reports about events in the region, not least Libya.

How can their journalists be neutral when their employer hosts the largest US military base in the region, and has been responsible for sending thousands of fighters, weapons and a lot of money to kill and destroy in Libya and is now doing the same in Syria in addition to having called for Arab troops to invade the country. Likewise, I have yet to hear the NYT question the “neutrality” of journalists who work with the British state funded BBC, or journalists who work for the Murdoch Press which is well documented to have strong connections with all the major western powers which are responsible for the greatest violations of international law.



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