Rysslands utrikesminister

Vitaly Churkin är Rysslands FN-ambassadör och inte utrikesminister.


Ryssland utriksminister, Vitaly Churkin, om Libyen, Syrien, Iran. Vi lever i en tid då vi får sätta vårt hopp till Ryssland för att rädda oss från fortsatta militära aggressioner, mot Syrien och Iran t.ex., och kanske storkrig.

Syria and the New Model of International Transformations

Russia opened its presidency of the UN Security Council by circulating two draft resolutions on December 15 and 24. The first one, co-authored by Moscow and Beijing, called the Syrian administration to expedite reforms and expressed support for the Arab League’s efforts to defuse the crisis in Syria, including the deployment of a motoring mission in the country. Russian permanent UN representative V. Churkin rejected the West’s demand that references to the acts of violence perpetrated by extremists in Syria be omitted from the document and stressed that an arms embargo was not an option.
The international law and its key principles, to which the UN Security Council must strictly adhere, should serve as the foundation for the resolution of the Syrian crisis. Russia’s draft resolution banning the use of force by either side opens the only possible opportunity for a peaceful and legally sound settlement in Syria. Today’s priority should be to prevent the new model of international transformations from being put to work in Syria – otherwise, the sovereignty of a number of countries, not only Syria, will be threatened and hundreds of thousands of human lives would be exposed to serious risk.


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