Historian and author, Neil Faulkner, ger nog en riktig bild av läget i EU. IMF-metoden med nedskärningar, fattigdoms-skapande, har aldrig fungerat!

Christof Lehmann – 2012, The Decline and Fall of the European Empire ?

Currently European banks are working extremely hard to meet the new capital adequacy requirements by June 2012. Don´t call me alarmist, but banks earn by lending money to people, and the only way to meet the requirements by June 2012 is basically by ceasing to lend anything to anyone while getting rid of some three to seven trillion USD in toxic papers.

So, what remains for desperately corrupt European leaders is austerity measures, while everyone with just a grain of sense for economy knows that austerity measures are the worst possible path.

What about declaring Greece, Italy and who ever it may be who goes bankrupt bankrupt ? That´s at least honest and provides possibility for a fresh start. Is that not better than to issue new bonds and lend money with a 100 % interest per year, which no country in the world ever could pay, let alone the already bankrupt Greece ? Rather than austerity measures, rebuild the entire European Rail System into a Maglev System. Subsidize European car manufacturers for building Tesla Engine cars that can compete with any of the technological fossiles that still run on fossile fuel. What about not the taxing of derivatives, but declaring them illegal. What about opening the vaults of the patent offices who have those smart devices that produce almost limitless amounts of electricity, which the author of the article has seen in operation, but which are so classified that it would take an act of God or courageous politicians who are willing to be murdered for a good cause to get them declassified and into production.

På tal om bilar som går på annat än olja – Japanese to mass produce cars that run off water!


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