krig är olagligt

Från England, mannen i videon menar att det inte är någon tvekan, det finns lagar som gör alla krig olagliga. Och att han har rätt, eller skyldighet, att låta bli att betala skatt när hans land inte följer lagen.

Anmälan av de ansvariga för det svenska deltagande i angreppet på Libyen avslogs, men en ny anmälan är på gång –

Tänk hur det hade låtit i svenska mainstreammedia om länder som Ryssland, Iran, Syrien eller Kina hade gjort sig skyldiga till en bråkdel av vad Sverige med allierade gjorde i Libyen!
Peter Eyre – Britain and allies used WMD on Libya

It is clear that with the British media being totally censored we will never fully understand the consequences of this deplorable war that the United Nations had approved and its subsequent use of Weapons of Mass Destruction on the innocent population of Libya with an emphasis on the City of Tripoli. This was not a war to enforce a “No Fly Zone”, it was a war to force a “Regime Change” which is in violation of UN1973 and in doing so also breaches at least five articles of the Geneva Convention.

To fire over 18 Cruise Missiles (WMD´s) into the heart of Tripoli was certainly an act against humanity to which NATO and its command structure should be placed before the International Court of Justice. It was also a crime that was carried out right under the noses of the United Nations who stood by and did nothing to stop this genocide!

As we all know it didn´t just stop at the use of Cruise Missiles but also Bunker Busters, JDAM and Hellfire Missiles (as used by the Predators unmanned aircraft and also by the Apache Helicopters) all of which were in violation of the Geneva Convention based on the following criteria.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – ”Outrageous and indefensible” was Britain’s massacre in Libya

Lisa Karpova – Nuclear war on the horizon

It might be the lazy way, to just sit and accept the utter bilge and lies coming from the mainstream western media when they report on events in Syria and Iran. But is it worth it? Would those who accept these lies still think it’s worth it, not to look for the truth, if they realize that we are heading straight for a third world war?

Infamous were the lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and no less ridiculous were the claims that the Gaddafi government was ”killing its own people.” Now they say the same about Syria and accuse Iran of trying to use nuclear energy to make nuclear weapons.

In a court of law, if the judge catches you lying even once, he will totally disregard your case because you were caught in a lie. All it takes is just one lie. You have destroyed your credibility totally and forever in his eyes.

If I find out you’ve lied to me once, from that time forward you will have to prove you’re not lying again when you make claims, otherwise I have no reason to not think you are not just lying again.

So, too, any thinking person cannot take what the U.S. and Europeans say or claim as remotely even credible, along with their Israeli friends. In all cases, they have to prove they are not lying because all they ever do is lie.

It’s more a case of these entities projecting their own evil intentions onto their marked, targeted victims.

So people out there, don’t accept what they say at face value, not from PROVEN LIARS.


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