nytt om Libyen

Gangster-ledaren Anders Fogh Rasmussen har varit i Tripoli, och en ny olje-marionett har tillsatts.

Christof Lehmann – Libya: New Vice Roy, New Bills, New Fighting

NATO has declared the conclusion of operation Unified Protector, and as predicted in a previous article, the operation that killed tens of thousands of Libyans was declared a success. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen visited Libya in a “surprise visit” or rather a PR-Ceremony, declaring NATO´s willingness to continue “assisting” the new Libyan Government (3).
The success of NATO could be summed up by the following facts.
NATO has successfully toppled a stable North African Government and replaced it with an unstable proxy government that is easy to control, and whose new PM has dual US – Libyan Citizenship. A perfect Vice Roy.
NATO has succeeded at importing a sufficient amount of Al Qaeda fighters to destabilize the country for years. Thus it has laid the foundation for a long term presence, and a justification for a continuation of the so called “war on terror”.
NATO can continue it´s operations without UN Mandate since NATO countries now are invited by the Vice Roy who has dual US-Libyan Citizenship.
NATO has succeeded in destroying the Libyan infrastructure and thus ruined decades of progress. It will take other decades to rebuild the country, and it is most likely that those attractive contracts will be granted to Libya´s new masters.
NATO has opened the way for Libya entering the Mediterranean Alliance and thus dividing rather than strengthening African Unity. NATO has succeeded in preventing the nationalization of Libyan resources, and lucrative oil contracts are being secured.
NATO has again established that it has the ability to wage a war with a minimal number of legitimate ground forces, making use of mercenaries, whom they afterwards can fight as terrorists. And NATO has succeeded in making Libyans paying 480 Milliard US-Dollars to NATO for the murder and destruction that NATO has provided (4). From a purely utilitarian perspective, NATO has all reason to perceive Libya as a success.
Words like democracy, human rights, liberation, and the like are for public consumption, and it is not difficult to imagine how difficult it must be for Rasmussen not to bite his own tongue when pronouncing them.

Farrakhan om planerna på ett afrikanskt samarbete för välstånd och oberoende som Khadaffi var engagerad i.

The Libya American’s never saw on Television

video: The Assassination of Gaddafi – GRTV Backgrounder – video: Muammar Gaddafi worked a miracle in Libya – video: Saif Al-Islam: We have not Surrendered and We Shall Continue – English voiceover

Intressant intervju på The Real News med Firoze Manji – Gaddafi’s Murder and International Law


Wayne Madsen – America’s Death Pornography Culture: Celebrating brutal deaths of Qaddafi and Saddam


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nyhetsbanken.se – Grekland byter ut militärledningen – för att förebygga risk för militärkupp?

Är det här vad ”dom” har i bakfickan för att desperat spela ut när deras banksystem oåterkalleligen rasar!?
”Storbritannien planerar för Iranangrepp”Benjamin Netanyahu seeks cabinet support for Israeli strike on Iran



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3 svar to “nytt om Libyen”

  1. Rainbow Warrior Says:

    Awesome Video and Y certainly hope he is right. All of Africa must unite as one and throw the
    US and NATO out of their monetary needs.
    The US and NATO should be paying Libyans not the other way around.
    They had better not be stealing Libyans gold or oil either. They sure need money however. These are the people who committed war crimes and those leaders should be tried and jailed.
    They are nothing, but thieves and most of the people in their countries with the exception of Israel were against this war.

    way around.

    • Stan Says:

      It´s really a shame that they could not allow the African countries to to reach prosperity and become independent from the money changers of the west. But the moral victory was won by the Libyans, let´s hope the African counties can unite and keep up the fight for freedom and independence!

  2. The Libya American’s never saw on Television « Did You Know Says:

    […] Libya: New Vice Roy, New Bills, New Fighting […]

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