destabiliseringsförsöken mot Syrien

Att Syrien är nästa som står på tur för angrepp från västs omättliga krigsmaskin inser de flesta, destabiliseringen och media-demoniseringen av landet har pågått länge. Planerna har dock säkerligen bromsats upp av Libyens oväntat hårdnackade motstånd, och nyligen lade Kina och Ryssland in sitt veto mot förslag om hårdare resolutioner mot Syrien – Building a Pretext to Wage War on Syria: Hidden Agenda Behind UN Security Council Resolution

Russian Federation UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin explained his vote. He said that working with China, Russia had prepared a draft resolution which was supported by Brazil, India and South Africa. The fundamental philosophy of the draft resolution he had worked on, he explained, was to support a respect for the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, and the principle of non intervention in its internal affairs. These are key principles of the UN Charter. Such an effort, he argued, necessitated the need to refrain from confrontation. There should be no threats, ultimatums, or sanctions against the Syrian government.

“The situation in Syria cannot be considered in the Council separately from the Libyan experience, “ Ambassador Churkin said. (Transcript, p. 4) He referred to the alarm expressed in the international community at NATO statements that Security Council resolutions on Libya provided a model for future actions by NATO.

Churkin specifically pointed to how the language of Resolutions 1970 and 1973 on Libya was turned into its opposite by some members of the Council. The language calling for a quick cease fire, he said was turned into a full-fledged civil war. The provision of a no fly zone, he explained, “has morphed into the bombing of (Libyan) oil refineries, television stations and other civilian sites.”(Transcript, p. 4) The arms embargo was used as a pretext for a naval blockade affecting humanitarian goods. The call to prevent a tragedy in Benghazi led to a tragedy in Sirte and Bani Walid, observed the Ambassador.

Though Churkin did not present a specific description of this tragedy, NATO bombing campaigns were being waged against civilians in Bani Walid and Sirte, even as the Council met. “These types of models should be excluded from global practices once and for all,” said Churkin.

Tack till dessa representanter från mer civiliserade delar av världen för att ni denna gång gör allt ni kan för att undvika barbariska militärinsatser.

På en syrisk facebooksida publicerades en historia om hur ett attentatsförsök i syfte att trappa upp våldet stoppades för ett par veckor sen.

Details of the security operation ”pulling the cover” in Barza, Damascus.
By: Shamna Net news site.
USA called back its ambassador suddenly, she waited one day then started explaining why she did so, and why the US administration weltered and seemed unable explain her behavior? What are the secrets… behind calling on the US ambassador… and what is the alternative plan?

The story says: in 15/10, and upon agreement on a decision from the Arab League to visit Syria, the US administration represented by the ambassador’s assistant, was preparing for a sectarian massacre in Barza, Damascus which is known for its sectarian variety .

The perpetrators are a group of gangs that Lebanese ”Samir Jaajaa” contributed to deliver to Barza, those groups are well trained, and the target was: declaring a sectarian massacre in Syria and the importance of a foreign intervention.

The direct reason: attempt to assassinate ”Rami Makhlouf”.

The US administration departments in the US embassy in Damascus started preparations for the execution.

First: announcing the assassination of ”Rami Makhlouf” via E-sites.
Second: Revolution sites start making a fuss of this operation and gaining blessings from the bias sheikhs to confirm the sectarian goal of the operation.

Upon the readiness of the plan, and after setting the time and date of the operation, the US department decided to withdraw its ambassador from Damascus in order to remove any AUSPICIOUSNESS about her.

In the morning of execution: the operation executors had been arrested, and E-sites had already announced the assassination of ”Rami Makhlouf”by one of the battalions.
The news spread, and the disavowal came out quickly by the Syrian E-sites for the fear of any sleeping cells that might execute the massacre and accuse ”Rami Makhlouf” people with it later.

Investigations started with the US embassy staff, and the US administration became confirmed that the Syrian authorities disclosed their plan, and some Lebanese news papers announced that the Syrian authorities arrested a group of the embassy’s staff who were instigating ordeal.

Then, the US administration started to tumble, and announced reasons for withdrawing their ambassador from Damascus (which are all lies), and declared its intention to send back ”Robert Ford” to Damascus, even though she knows, the Syrian authorities will not accept him back.

This is how one of the plot’s chapters ended, they might have gained the souls of no less than 50 innocent people of Barza in Damascus, and accusing ”Esh Al Warwar” people with killing them, and a period of sectarian killings would have started. Chinese Envoy: International Community Should Respect Syria’s Sovereignty

Det har varit lite lugnare med inslag om Syrien ett tag i de svenska propagandamedierna efter Kina och Ryssland veto. Men idag är man igång igen – Ännu en blodig fredag i Syrien

Demonstrationer till stöd för landets ledning i en stad som heter Lattakia i Syrien igår, enligt facebook-sidan.

Christof Lehmann – Al-Assad the Next Victim of NATO Assassination

On Those Syrian ‘Protestors’ and Turkey: War Is Coming Soon

It is clear that the US and NATO mean to overthrow the Syrian regime, which is the last speed bump on the road to Tehran and a general Mideast war. That means Israel as well. Does it mean nuclear war? Can anyone halt this runaway train?



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