Lehmann om mord som något normalt

Christof Lehmann om mordet på Khadaffi, missa inte videorna från en konferens om att kriminalisera krig längst ner i inlägget, och se representanter för det internationella samfundet som besitter någon grad av anständighet. – Ghadafi and The Axis of Evil

Executive Order 12.333 is dealing with the United States self proclaimed right to use the assassination of foreign countries heads of state as an instrument of U.S–Foreign Policy. It has been widely discussed in international law but due to lack of media coverage, it remains widely undiscussed and is in western countries widely perceived as something that is “normal” for global empires. With lack of media coverage the normal public response in western countries is that history is full of precedence, so why bother about something that “normal”. From an ethnocentric point of view it is understandable, but ethnocentric perception is hardly a viable argument, much less a justification for premeditated murder. When was the last time you have been reading news about China or Russia having murdered the head of state of a foreign country?

From a less ethnocentric perspective it is worrisome that the populations of the USA and E.U. have been so well indoctrinated that they discuss the numerous attempts to assassinate former Cuban head of state Fidel Castro Ruz with a smile, and in the best case thoughts such as “yes, we know the CIA is mainly manned by crooks“. That is about as revolutionary as the well indoctrinated public gets on issues that have the potential to set the globe on fire.
For the sake of intellectual exercise, spend one moment on considering a Russian or Chinese family discussing the assassination of Sarkozy by their intelligence services as an event so normal that it´s hardly worth mentioning. The fact that it is extraordinarily unlikely ever to happen should elicit one fact, that it is the United States of America and the European Union that are the very “Axis of Evil” they are claiming to deplore.

The fact that a United Nations Security Counsel Resolution is lending a war apparent legitimacy does not change the fact that war of aggression is illegal. It merely demonstrates the fact, that the system of the United Nations is not “the international community” but an instrument for aggression for the few.


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