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Några nya inlägg om Libyen. Ännu en gång har tydligen påståenden om att en av Ghadaffis söner tagits tillfånga visat sig vara falska.

Christof Lehmann – NATO´s Crying “Wolf” to Cover over Massacre in Sirte

In a Sirte suburb, that was intermediately held by TNC fighters, nine entire families, including toddlers, children, and elderly men and women were shot in cold blood as a statement of what awaits “Ghadafi Loyalists“. It is not unlikely, that the false story of Mutassim Ghadafi´s capture was aired in an attempt to cover up the massacre.

The battle of Sirte will undoubtedly become a classic study in military academies world wide, as much as it is bound to be remembered as one of the worst war crimes facilitated by a United Nations Security Counsel Resolution. The battle of Sirte should also be remembered as the final evidence needed to demonstrate that the United Nations urgently needs to be UN DONE. The question that urgently needs to be answered is, will Russian and Chinese leaders continue their political grand standing or will they back up their words with action. Russia and China being the only global players who could stop the aggression, the protests that are now directed against the USA, EU, and NATO, are bound to be increasingly directed against Russia and China, for standing seemingly idly by, while a sovereign nation is raped under their very eyes. International protests against the continued aggression could show most effective, if the protests were directed at Russian and Chinese Embassies, protesting the countries passivity in the light of the Libyan War.

If the day should come that NATO and the TNC could back up their TV Victories by proof, and a Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, a Mutassim Ghadafi, a Tribal Leader, or other prominent figure really was captured, it would have but one result. The strengthening of the Libyan Peoples Resolve to rid them selves of the invading colonial army.

Both NATO and the TNC are under estimating the will of the Libyan People to defend their country, their liberty, freedom, and political system, which is by all standards the one that is the most directly participatory political system yet designed, tested, and found to function for the benefit of the people.

Lisa Karpova – NATO exterminates 2 percent of a populated city

NATO genocidal continuous bombing has managed to exterminate 2 percent of the city of Sirte, including 1,000 children. How in anyone’s estimation can this be considered ”protecting” civilians?

In truth, the only ones NATO is ”protecting” are their terrorist criminal stooges so that they may create havoc and total disaster on an unfriendly population that hates them and all they stand for: terror, murder, destruction, crime, rape, theft, treason and inviting colonial crusader powers to take over the country so that they may obtain personal financial gain.

NATO is waging war against truth. We all know how that turns out. Libya is reduced to one outlet of communication, while the crusader aggressors have numerous channels. However, they are deathly afraid of this one beacon of truth and madly try to jam the signal and silence it and all who dare to tell the truth.

NATO is waging a war against freedom. NATO is waging a war against democracy. They are all wars that NATO will never win, no matter how much they pound the living daylights out of heroic freedom fighters. Libya will remain green now and forever.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – The lesson from Sirte: NATO protects civilians from terrorists by murdering them

Sirte must go down in history as one of the world’s epic tales of heroism and bravery, the tremendous resistance of a handful of courageous and resolute warriors standing fast against the hordes of sheer evil, cowards cowering behind a relentless and inhuman NATO bombing campaign, strafing civilians and soldiers alike in support of terrorists.

Bilder från Libyen.

Videoklipp från Tele Sur i Venezuela – There could be a critical humanitarian crisis in Libya och om Syrien – Massive demonstration of support towards Bashar Al-Assad


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