Engdahl om Libyen, Mugabe m.fl.

Engdahl om en av de troliga anledningarna till angreppet mot Libyen. Det här låter spännande: ”Fortunately there are revolutionary new methods to detect and map presence of oil and gas where even the best current geology says oil is not to be found.”

F William Engdahl – NATO`s War on Libya is Directed Against China

NATO’s Libya campaign was and is all about oil. But not about simply controlling Libyan high-grade crude because the USA is nervous about reliable foreign supplies. It rather is about controlling China’s free access to long-term oil imports from Africa and from the Middle East. In other words, it is about controlling China itself.

As I have detailed elsewhere, Gaddafi, an old adherent of Arab socialism on the line of Egypt’s Gamal Nasser, used the oil revenues to improve the lot of his people. Health care was free as was education. Each Libyan family was given a state grant of $50000 towards buying a new house and all bank loans were according to Islamic anti-usury laws, interest free. The state was also free of debt. Only by bribery and massive infiltration into the tribal opposition areas of the eastern part of the country could the CIA, MI6 and other NATO intelligence operatives, at an estimated cost of $1 billion, and massive NATO bombing of civilians, destabilize the strong ties between Gaddafi and his people.

Why then did NATO and the Pentagon lead such a mad and destructive assault on a peaceful sovereign country? Clear is that one of the prime reasons was to complete the encirclement of China’s oil and vital raw material sources across northern Africa.

The aim of the US-led regime change in Libya as well as the entire Greater Middle East Project which lies behind the Arab Spring is to secure absolute control over the world’s largest known oil fields to control future policies in especially countries like China. As then US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is reported to have said during the 1970’s when he was arguably more powerful than the President of the United States, “If you control the oil you control entire nations or groups of nations.”
For the future national energy security of China the ultimate answer lies in finding secure domestic energy reserves. Fortunately there are revolutionary new methods to detect and map presence of oil and gas where even the best current geology says oil is not to be found. Perhaps therein lies a way out of the oil trap that has been laid for China. In my newest book, The Energy Wars I detail such new methods for those interested.

Tänk vad vettiga dessa ledare som västs knähundsmedier ständigt demoniserar verkar! Här utdrag från Robert Mugabes tal i FN för någon vecka sen. Från http://www.youtube.com/user/WolkenZwemmer – där finns även tal av Irans president Ahmadinejad och Bolivias president Evo Morales.

Och Fidel Castro! – Castro calls out Obama for genocide in Libya

Fidel Castro is calling out US President Barack Obama for his words before world leaders last week at the United Nations in New York City.

According to Castro, Obama misrepresented the wars America has involved itself in, calling his speech before the United Nations last week gibberish and blaming the US and NATO for the mass murders of the Libyan people.

In spite of the shameful monopoly of the mass information media and the fascist methods of the United States and its allies to confuse and deceive world opinion, the resistance of the people grows, and that can be appreciated in the debates being produced in the United Nations,” Castro wrote over the weekend on the cubadebate.cu website.

SyrienWho really wants to cancel the other… The Syrian regime as they claim, or the Syrian opposition

* * *

Adrian Salbuchi –The Money Masters: Behind the Global Debt Crisis

One of the Global Banking Over-world’s permanent goals is – and has been – to maintain full control over all central banks in just about every country, in order to be able to control their public currencies. This, in turn, allows them to impose a fundamental (for them) condition whereby there is never the right quantity of public currency to satisfy the true demand and needs of the Real Economy. That is when those very same private banks that control central banking come on scene to “satisfy the demand for money” of the Real Economy by artificially generating private bank money out of nothing. They call it “credits and loans” and offer to supply it to the Real Economy, but with an “added value” (for them): (a) they will charge interest for them (often at usury levels) and, (b) they will create most of that private bank money out of thin air through the fractional lending system.

The fundamental cause of today’s on-going global financial collapse that exerts massive distortions over the Real Economy – and the ensuing social hardship, suffering and violence – is clear: Virtual Finance has usurped a pedestal of supremacy over the Real Economy, which does not legitimately belong to it.Finance must always be subordinated to, and in the service of, the Real Economy just as the Economy must heed the law and social needs of the Political Model executed by a Sovereign Nation-State (as we back-engineer this entire system, we thus understand why it is necessary for the Global Power Elite to first erode the sovereign Nation-State and to eventually do away with it altogether, in order to achieve its monetary, financial and political ends).
In fact, if we look at matters in their proper perspective, we will see that most national economies are pretty much intact, in spite of having been badly bruised by the financial collapse. It is Finance that is in the midst of a massive global collapse, as this Model of “Ponzi” Finance has grown into a sort of malignant “cancerous tumour” that has now “metastasised,” threatening to kill the whole economy and social body politic, in just about every country in the world, and certainly in the industrialised countries

Hittade en sida jag inte sett förut med mycket av värde – http://www.endalldisease.com – t.ex. filmatiseringen av John Perkins bok Confessions of an economic hitman.


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  2. Freddy Says:

    Engdahl är lite lustig med sitt förnekande av global peak oil. Undrar om han har nåt på fötterna där ?

    • Stan Says:

      Ja, han har ju forskat ingående i ämnet och är väl trovärdig såsom oberoende från etablissemang och storföretag.
      Med tanke på det han sa:
      ”In a matter of perhaps two to five years, depending on how the rest of the world reacts or plays their cards, the Peoples’ Republic of China will emerge in the controlled Western media painted as the new “Hitler Germany.” ”
      kom jag att tänka på t.ex. det här inlägget av Wolfgang Hansson – http://blogg.aftonbladet.se/omvarlden/2011/09/censuren-drar-ut-proppen-for-kinas-idol – han är ju ett av de pålitligaste lackmuspappren för att kolla vad för agenda finans-ayatollorna har, ingen följer väl manuskriptet så bokstavligt som han.

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