om New York och Libyen

Från protesterna i New York, det verkar som att finansoligarkernas vakthundar fått order om att försöka få till bråk och våldsamheter. Mer på –

video – Will Bunch: ‘Keith Olbermann calls out Media Blackout on #OccupyWallStreet’


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Det förekommer uppgifter om ett starkt motstånd mot ockupationen i Libyen – The Tarhuna Tribe enters TripoliLibyen: förstärkning är på väg – Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri går ut i krigkraftig rökutveckling efter en explosion i hamnen i Tripoli påstås komma från en sprängning av ett fartyg som skulle levera vapen till NATO/rebellerna. NATO-styrkor missbrukar ambulanser i Tripoli för att transportera sig!

Från en artikel av Christof Lehmann, 29 aug 2011 – ARABIAN SUMMER OR NATO´S FALL – som ger en bra beskrivning av hur offensiven mot Tripoli med början runt 20 aug gick till.

Reliable, independent sources have reported about the presence of NATO Special Operations Units as well as mercinaries with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qa´eda since the onset of the Libyan conflict. Latest since the Libyan pendant to “Black Hawk Down” it was obvious for the observer who didn´t get his news from NATO PR -Machines like Al Jazeera, CNN, National Radios / TV in the “Free West”. Reports from independent journalists on the ground, like historian Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, like Thierry Meyssan, and well connected journalists like life long peace activist, journalist, and former CIA Asset Susan Lindauer would proof beyond any reasonable doubt that the armed gangs that were sold as democracy hungry youth were in fact NATO lead Al Qa´eda and Muslim Brotherhood Mercenaries. This truth was vividly ommitted by the free western press who sold the narrative of singing tomorrows, and peaceful citizens who protested for democracy and freedom, who were mercilessly butchered by “Ghadaffi Forces” so a UN Resolution for the implementation of a “No Fly Zone” could be passed and implemennted by “NATO” forces.

Reliable sources, well within the US Army at Ft. Bragg and Pope Air Base N/C report that preparations for Libya and Syria had been on the way months before the onset of the so called Arab Summer. So what is the truth about the situation in Libya, and what exactly is being prepared with respect to Syria ?

Western Corporate Media reported that the “rebels” had approached and then conquered Tripoly, fighting down the resistance of Loyalist Troops, and the viewers and readers a meant to belief that the Transitional National Counsil has controll over Tripoli and most of the country. TV images of celebrating masses on Tripolis Green Square that is rebranded Marthyrs Square. Reports that Islam al Ghadaffi had been captured were propagated in the media together with equally false reports that the garrisons in Tripoli had surrendered or flead.

What happend in the real world was and is an entirely different story all along. The night prior to the invasion of Tripoli, NATO air forces have carpetbombed military installations, TV and Radio Stations and a considerable ammount of other infrastructure. Then NATO lead mercinary forces disembarked from NATO War Ships, making an amphibian assault on Tripoli, while Apache Helicopters were streifing civilians to open a way into the old city and central Tripoli. Brittish fighterbombers assisted with Brimstone Rockets. Sleeper cells within Tripoli used the loudspeakers on Minarets to give a signal for death squads who had infiltrated Tripoli to conduct massacres on hundrets of key figures as well as random victims. Hospitals in Tripoli reported 1.800 death and over 5.000 severely wounded. Most of them were civilians. What according to Al Jazeera et al. seemed like a disintegration of government forces was a carefully planned change in strategy. Given the overwhelming air superiority it would have been suicidal for government forces to stay in their barracks, or to engage in open frontline combat. This change in strategy, which is a strategically necessary adaption to assymetric warfare, does by no means mean that an end to the conflict is anywhere near. On the contrary, this move guaranties that so called rebel and probably also NATO forces will be engaged in a protracted conflict that could last years, and it is by no means certain that the military outcome would be what would be desired by NATO generals.

The true looser of the conflict is the Libyan population. The only front where NATO can declare a victory is in the field of Psychological Warfare, but also this front and victory is being deconstructed. A closer look at the celebrating masses in the renamed Marthyrs square shows, that the videos were shot in Doha, Qatar, not Tripoli. It was a staged celebration in best Hollywood style. During the initial chock of the airial and amphibious assault such images could pass and have had their desired effect on the population of Tripoli. The outrage over being conned by NATO Psychological Operations Teams however will probably backfire with regards to pacifying the citizens of Tripoli.

Av samma författare – NATO Defeated at All Fronts exept for War of Lies

The U.N. is passé; and the recognition of the National Transitional Counsel (NTC) of Libya by China, does not lend legitimacy to either the NTC or the UN. The question that remains, and that requires the most urgent considerations is now, “what comes next, how will free nations take the most urgently needed steps to establish a new, truly independent international forum that provides legitimate security in the spirit of the best intentions behind the U.N. Charter and international jurisprudence, against the abuse of empires; and when will a viable initiative be taken, by whom “. – Whole family killed by NATO attacks on Sirt City, Sep,23,2011

Sirte: Doctor breaks down when she points to two martyred victims of NATO


Mycket värdefullt finns på – – liksom på –

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Ekonomi – Finansiella systemet är omättligt och sjukt



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  1. nsnbc Says:

    Kære venner. Mange tak for at citere og henvise tim mine artikler. I er hjertens velkommen til også at gen publisera artikler fra mig fra –
    HVis I agter at lave arrangementer for fred i Sverige / Norge og jeg kan, stiller jeg gerne op. I kan jo skrive til mig på nsnbcdotwordpress(at)gmaildotcom.
    Dr. Christof Lehmann

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