stoppa aggressionerna!


Moussa Ibrahim (short translation in Description) on Raai tv 18.09.11

Libyan Jamahiriya stands its ground against NATO rebels

video – French lawyers to sue Sarkozy over Libya abuses, NATO Crimes In LibyaTrial of Destruction: Sarkozy sued for Libya crimes , French lawyers to sue Sarkozy over Libya abuses

Demonstrations in support of the leader Muammar Gaddafi in Tarhunah 09/18/2011

NATO terrorize Libyans in to submission (at least 50,000 abducted)

Black Agenda Report – Fauntroy’s Libya Massacres Story: No Time for Teasing

video – Black libyan genocide with the help of UN in libya

Mathaba Reporter with Latest News on Libya [19.09.2011]

video hos morris – An Algerian Speaks Out – Israel Behind All Troubles


från – Western Media Involved in ”Black Propaganda” Campaigns in Middle East

MOSCOW, (SANA)- Dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry Diplomatic Academy, Igor Panarin, on Saturday said the BBC channel plays the role of a Trojan horse by dilapidating the Middle East and subverting the civilized secular states in order to divide the Arab countries, let in the elements of terrorism and ignite deadly civil wars in them.

Panarin said in a statement to Russia Today TV that the Americans were the first to present media as a special type of wars, and that Allen W. Dulles, a former director of the CIA, was the first to use the word ‘media’ in his book ”The Secret Surrender” in 1960.

He added that in 1992 a doctrine document of the US General Staff first appeared, called ‘the media war’, ”which the USA has been using for over 20 years as a lethal weapon against different countries of the world.”

”What we are seeing in the Middle East today is black media that distorts information by means of fabricating it by international satellite channels which work on inflaming and destabilizing the situation in Syria, Libya and Egypt,” said Panarin.

He cited the BBC, Wikileaks website and other known satellite channels, which used social networking sites such as the Facebook in launching black propaganda campaigns to incite events in Syria and Libya, confirming the fabricated and illusive nature of the photos taken of certain events which were screened on those channels as if they really took place in the two countries.

The Russian official underscored the fact that terrorists were brought from abroad and smuggled into Syria and Libya.

He warned that these subversive steps against Syria and Libya will be the beginning of later stages against Brazil, Russia, India and China; or what is called the PRIC group.

Email campaign, Stop NATO bombing in Libya! before critical UN review on Sept 19th 2011

Avlyssnat telefonsamtal mellan rebell-ledare

en annan e-mail-kampanj-uppmaning från facebook:

Proofs that NATO already break UN resolution many times, and is responsible for crime against humanity:
Troops on ground As Moussa Ibrahim confirms in his speech on 09/18/2011:
“Moussa Ibrahim: We confirm the arrest of 19 NATO soldiers,15 British,2 French and 1 from an Asian country ( we cant know this moment what country he comes from ).
Captured french soldiers in Bani Walid: Jaques monse:35 – alan abano:29 – Mark moren:31 / SAS – Henry richardson:26 – Ryan kirk:37 –
We will surprise them ,we will go out from the sand ,the sand will fight with us.“
Video of Moussa Ibrahim speech:
This is another evidence of the participation of NATO ground troops on the territory of Libya :
Videos bombing of houses – against the law & UN resolution 1973

NATO bombed the hospital in Sirte. Immobile eldery patients, new born babies and their mothers, bed – ridden children, wounded soldiers with imputated arms and legs – all of them were murdered. Was that a legitimate target?

NATO bombed the residential area in Sirte. The whole families, grannies, parents, children were murdered at sleep. The corps of killed civilians so carbonated they are unrecognizable. Was that a legitimate target?

NATO carpet bombed the streets of Sirte. More than 2000 innocent, unarmed, common people were murdered. People like the one you and I meet when we go to the supermarket in the morning. They’ll see no more sun rise. Were they a legitimate target?



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  1. » Blog Archive » Tropas extranjeras en la playas de Libia Says:

    […] Los nombres de los soldados franceses capturados por el ejército libio en Bani Walid es Jacques Monse (35 años), Alan Abano (29), Mark Moren(29), el nombre de los miembros de los SAS británicos capturados es Henry Richardson (26) y Ryan Kirk (37). Fuente: […]

  2. Tropas extranjeras en la playas de Libia | COLAREBO.ORG Says:

    […] Los nombres de los soldados franceses capturados por el ejército libio en Bani Walid es Jacques Monse (35 años), Alan Abano (29), Mark Moren(29), el nombre de los miembros de los SAS británicos capturados es Henry Richardson (26) y Ryan Kirk (37). Fuente: […]

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