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Videor från konferensen The Truth about Libya and NATO’s “Humanitarian” Military Road Map i Toronto nyligen med bl.a. Cynthia McKinney, Mahdi Nazemroaya and Michel Chossudovsky – HÄR

Susan Lindauer hos Jeff Rense


Gaddafi was seen as a buffer standing in the way of Western interests as targeted at the greater picture of Africa. His dramas at the EU-Africa summits held in recent years did not help matters.He was always outstanding, whether it was in calling for the United States of Africa, calling for the unifying of the African currency, calling for the establishment of an independent African Bank, campaigning for the abandoning of the US dollar in oil trade, or stating that African leaders would always attend these EU Summits with the Western-hated Robert Mugabe, or else they would not attend altogether, a threat he promised Africa would carry out just before the 2007 Lisbon EU-Africa Summit.

The West’s right to restore “a peaceful transition to democracy” in Libya is axiomatic. It follows that any problems and challenges that may arise can be attributed to the need to eliminate the alleged tyranny of Gaddafi. So the people of Sirte, Bani Walid or Tripoli can be bombed into submission in the name of eliminating Gaddafi’s “tyrannical rule.”

According to Western thinking, it is independent nationalism that causes friction, not imperial concerns. The traditional “strategic economic interests” of the industrialised countries must always prevail when independent nationalism interferes with the West’s global plans. So it is the ambitious projects of Gaddafi that cause friction, not the West’s greed for the resources of other nations, those of Libya included.

It is just as good that NATO and Al-Qaeda are operating side by side in Libya, like the Mafia Don and his runner. Africa we are one and together we shall overcome. It is homeland or death!!


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