intervju med Thierry Meyssan

En dryg vecka gammal intervju om NATO/västs krigsförbrytelser i Libyen, särskilt i samband med offensiven som startade kring 20 aug. Enbart första nattens attacker dödade enligt Meyssan 350 personer! En klassisk rå kolonial brutalitet som inte skådats på lång tid.

Radio interview on IRRB French service of Thierry Meyssan who was one of the Journalists in TRIPOLI during the night of the fall of Tripoli.
He describes the events that he witnessed and gives us a perspective that completely contradicts what we have been hearing on mainstream media.

Another attempt to take over Bani Walid end in failureRebel Attacks and NATO Bombings Continue, as Libyan Civilians FleeIMPERIAL MEDIA, LIBYA AND THE BATTLE OF BANI WALID
John Pilger, Rejoice: The true beneficiaries of Libya’s revolution
”Nearly six months after securing a UN resolution authorising ”the [protection] of civilians and civilian-populated areas under the threat of attack”, NATO is raining fragmentation bombs on civilian-populated Sirte and other ”Gaddafi strongholds” where, says a Channel 4 News reporter, ”until they cut off the head of the snake, Libyans will not feel safe”.
I quote that not so much for its Orwellian quality but as a model of journalism’s role in justifying ”our” bloodbaths in advance.”

Moussa Ibrahim in his latest message says all of Libya will be liberated
”The leader is in good health. He has high morale.
Of course, he is in Libya ”
”The war is far from over, how the world can imagine.
Our army is still strong. We keep a vast territory of Libya, and gather strength.”

NATO’s War Crimes in Libya: Sanctions against defiance – James Petras, 14 September 2011

NATO’s invasion and destruction of a secular modern republic, like Libya, which had used its oil wealth to develop Libyan society, was a stern message to democratic popular movements. Any independent Third World regime can be rolled back; colonial puppet regimes can be foisted onto a devastated people; the end of colonialism is not inevitable, imperial rule is back.

NATO’s invasion of Libya sends a message to freedom fighters everywhere: There is a high cost to independence; acting outside of imperial channels, even if only to a limited degree, can bring swift destruction.

The “cover” of an orchestrated regional military-civilian “uprising” and the imperial mass media propaganda blitz against the Libyan government was sufficient to convince the majority of western leftist intellectuals to take up the cudgels for the mercenary ”rebels”: Samir Samir Amin, Immanuel Wallerstein, Lowy, Juan Cole and many others backed the mercenary “rebels” … demonstrating the irrelevance and bankruptcy of the remnants of the old left.

If the destruction and occupation of Libya marks a time of infamy for the NATO powers, it also establishes a new awareness that a people can struggle and resist 6 months of intense, massive bombings from all the NATO powers. Perhaps when their heroic example becomes clear and the fog of media propaganda is lifted, a new emerging generation of fighters can vindicate the battle of Libya


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