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‘Pursuing Regime Change In Libya’, NATO Crimes In Libya

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fler aktuella videor från www.youtube.com/user/VSMRKLibyan Army In Tripoli, Still fighting, NATO Crimes In Libya – George Galloway, NATO 20,000 Air missions & Countless Bombs on libya, ‘WHY’, 28.08.11, NATO Crimes In LibyaCriminal NATO vows to remain in Libya, NATO Crimes In LIbyaNATO Vultures waiting outside Sirte,NATO Bombs for 4th day,Water & Elec Cut offNATO & Terrorist Attacking Sirte, Reports of MassacresTripoli Fighting 30.08.11



mathaba.net – NATO admits UK and France troops have been in Libya the whole time

NATO faces ‘catastrophic success’ in Libya

The Libya war situation recently underwent dramatic changes. The French and British defense ministers stressed at the end of July that the Libyan opposition could not defeat the government forces or capture Tripoli, the capital of Libya, on its own. However, certain media outlets revealed in mid-August that the Libyan opposition was expected to capture the capital before the end of August, according to a NATO schedule.

As it turned out, the opposition forces entered Tripoli on Aug. 21. There are two main reasons for the sudden victory of the opposition forces. First, Western countries not only launched air strikes and provided a large amount of weapons to the opposition forces but also sent ground troops to Libya. According to recent media reports, France, the United Kingdom and Italy had dispatched special forces to Libya to help the opposition troops finally win the ground war. Second, Western countries reportedly bought out almost all senior officials of the Qaddafi regime. In brief, Western countries planned and directed the opposition forces’ capture of Tripoli.

The War on Libya: NATO Uses And Abuses The United Nations. The Role of Russia


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