Tripoli, 26 aug

Latest Updates From Inside Tripoli – August 25

NATO mercenaries and terrorist rebels are trapped in the center of Tripoli, surrounded by loyalist forces.

U.S. is apparently ordering the killing of independent journalists in Libya, fearful of the accurate and truthful reports they are sending, unlike the compromised news networks such as CNN (CIA), BBC (MI6), Jazeera (Qatar Emir), Al-Arabiya (Saudi owned).

Tony Cartalucci – Libya: NATO Humiliation Increasing per Airstrike

The rebels, led on ground by NATO special forces and protected by NATO planes in the air have still failed to take Tripoli after a week of fighting. Attempts to seize other cities still under Libyan government control are also significant tactical failures. The media, unable to point to a victorious rebel government seated in Tripoli is now attempting to sell the ”chaos” angle – that combat is degenerating into genocide, in hopes the world will beg for a stabilization force. The only problem is that ”genocidal” rebels are led, armed, trained, and organized by NATO officers on the ground.

While NATO and its corporate sponsors believe a victory in Libya will pave the way for operations in Syria and beyond, the globalists and their propaganda machine have never taken a beating as badly as they have in Libya, a nation of only six million people. Activism, informing others, and boycotting the Fortune 500 corporations lurking behind these wars does indeed make a difference and are things we can all do even just 10 minutes a day.

War? “There is no war” in Libya

”This is war in all but name,” notes Michel Chossudovsky. ”These are war crimes in all but name. And the Western mainstream media are complicit in these war crimes. The Western media have made absurdities acceptable through their non-reporting and distortion of crimes by NATO powers. If people can be made to believe absurdities, then they can be made to accept atrocities.”

Libya can be seen as the pinnacle of Orwellian function – meaning the nadir in normal reasoning. In its relentless one-eyed coverage of Libya, the Western media has served as the ministry of disinformation for NATO


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