the brave new world

Så finner vi oss då ha anlänt på riktigt till the brave new world, det framtida skräcksamhället, 1984. En rubrik från idag –
Frankrike erbjuder Libyen fortsatt militärt stöd

Frankrike är bland de länder som begår det värsta brott som finns, att angripa ett annat land som inte utgör något hot mot någon annan. Enligt vissa uppgifter hör Frankrike till de som har marktrupper inne i Libyen.
Vansinnet och lögnerna har nått sådana proportioner nu att ”dom” knappast kan backa, man kan bara fortsätta den vansinniga vägen. Taktiken man använder nu är att presentera så mycket av olagligheterna och den groteska brutaliteten som man kan, men att förpacka dom som något positivt och önskvärt. Krig är fred osv!

Två nya videor hos morris, en med Franklin Lamb och en med Leonor

Tony Cartalucci beskriver som vanligt vad som sker på ett mycket bra sätt – Calls for NATO Occupation of Libya Deafening, Libya’s future hinges on the globalists’ ability to lie long enough to get an occupation force in place.

It was reported that Richard Haas, president of the Fortune 500-lined Council on Foreign Relations, had stated clearly that “Libya now needs boots on the ground,” NATO boots to be specific. Now joining the growing chorus of globalists calling for a full NATO occupation of Libya is Neo-Con degenerate, fellow Council on Foreign Relations conspirator Max Boot who recently wrote an editorial for the LA Times titled, “Libya’s problems are far from over,” where he emphatically states “peacekeeping troops” are an absolute necessity to head off what the media is already trying to brand an “insurgency” referring to the Libyan government’s defense of Tripoli.

To compound Boot’s apparent contempt for his readership’s intelligence, he claims that occupation forces will be needed to secure Libya’s “weapons of mass destruction,” and give the Libyan rebels time to build up professional security forces – rebels who are admitted members of Al Qaeda, many of whom are fresh back from murdering American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Boot’s only regret regarding the disastrous and still failing US occupation of Iraq was that more troops were not committed, seemingly suggesting Libya will be “done right” and a massive force will be landed to ensure the nation progresses as Wall Street and London desire.

Boot’s final insult to our intelligence is the claim that NATO currently appears to be refusing to commit to any such occupation force. In reality, NATO’s denials of such an occupation force are for perception-management purposes only. NATO troops are already on the ground, including SAS special forces, Qatari funded British mercenaries, Qatari and Emarati troops, and MI6 and CIA operatives. The UK has already admitted to having prepared at least 200 more troops to land in Libya at any given moment and arrangements are already underway to tap NATO members for additional troop commitments.

The only complication for Boot and his degenerate co-conspirator Haas’ narrative is that Tripoli has not yet fallen. The rebels, even with NATO ground forces assisting them, are approaching now a full week of fighting to take the capital in operations that promised to be over “in hours not days.” The mainstream media has been perpetually assuring its dimwitted viewership that Tripoli is “virtually,” “almost,” “about to be,” “on the brink of,” “any moment,” falling into rebel hands. As rebels rush from one hallow photo opportunity to the other in an attempt to sell their “victory” to the world, the Libyan military forces have been hitting them from the southern situated Rixos Hotel, to the international airport in the far east of Tripoli. Quite clearly the capital is still contested, while other cities across Libya still remain firmly in government hands.

While Boot, Haas, and the degenerate bankster-serving media propagandists assume the public has bought the narrative that Libya is now a “NATO victory” and the occupation force will merely be a prudent conclusion to their operations to “ensure stability,” the reality is that Qaddafi and the Libyan army cannot be defeated by the rebel forces alone. By rushing the rebels’ contrived government from Benghazi to Tripoli, declaring them the victors in the capital amidst a historically unprecedented disinformation campaign, and now beginning to portray the Libyan army as “insurgents,” they are in fact setting the stage for a ground invasion – not occupation – to deal the Libyan military a death blow.

It is now confirmed that the ground operations against Tripoli that started last weekend were overwhelmingly a psychological operation attempting to belie NATO’s weakness. Outrageous propaganda and staged chaos following an unprecedented aerial bombardment by NATO was designed to panic and collapse entirely Tripoli’s defenses and utterly rout Libyan troops. Instead, troops weathered the chaos and as it ebbed, counterattacked with Qaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam leading the way. Saif had been “confirmed captured” by the Wall Street-London “International Criminal Court.” This is now exposed as obvious disinformation and the epitome of the sort of lies and propaganda employed by NATO in their desperate last-ditch bid to take Libya.

In war, when one relies on disinformation on the scale seen now used by NATO in Libya, it betrays their image of strength and the vitality of their campaign. If NATO and the rebels were truly as powerful and as capable as we are being told, there would be absolutely no need to obfuscate the facts on the ground in Libya to the extent that it is. Indeed, NATO’s latest attack on Tripoli was an absolute bluff which has been called by the Libyan people now in full resistance. The continued lies being peddled now by the media indicate a smokescreen being set up to give the rebel “government” enough time to squat in Tripoli and call in NATO troops.

The very fact that Libya’s rebels are still meeting in Paris and Doha to complete their “transition” instead of in Tripoli exposes how ignominiously deceptive news of their “victory” is. Qaddafi has vowed to fight on for years – and seeing how he has been the only one telling the truth from the beginning, be it the fact that the rebels are Al Qaeda terrorists or that the rebels were paving the way for an inevitable Western occupation – we would be wise to believe him rather than the infinitely duplicitous Western media – who promised us “no boots on the ground” for an operation that was promised to end months ago. – The triple-lie of Tripoli

News media outlets across the globe simply echoed as usual the reports from the news agencies which are aligned to an anti-Gaddafi cause in the service of rulers who wish to keep their populations ignorant of the alternatives, and have painted a pretty picture of a war waged almost to the end since rebels reportedly surged into Tripoli over the weekend. – Libya: Prostitution of Western journalism

The last two days have once again proved the obvious fact that there are no independent media and that Western news agencies, newspapers and magazines work out a political order. The lion’s share of newspapers, magazines and news agencies reported the unprecedented success of the insurgents and predicted the imminent fall of Tripoli. – Battle of Tripoli: Separating Fantasy from Facts

What is going on in Tripoli seems to depend on who you talk to and the more you try to discover that is happening, the more it appears that there are two Tripolis – the one in Libya and another one stashed away somewhere in cyber space, on a pink cloud bathed by television blackouts, NATO cyber terrorist activities and clear breaches on the UNSC Resolutions.

I have received numerous reports – being checked – of NATO special forces on the ground in Tripoli trying to aid the terrorist forces they control. This is a clear violation on UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) and occasions a breach of international law in this case allegedly by France and the UK.

What are these forces doing becoming involved in an internal conflict? What is Cameron doing supporting armed Islamist terrorists, who perpetrated the most horrific outrages upon entering Tripoli, far worse than the thugs at home in the UK? So at home he condemns these acts of violence while he supports Al-Qaeda elements abroad? David Cameron spends 32 million pounds a week supporting people who kidnap and rape women, rape girls, impale small boys with stakes and carry out massive looting?

Comment: If there are no NATO boots on the ground, then suppose if one were caught and beheaded? Surely then there could be no condemnation because if there are no boots on the ground, then he does not exist…

We must not gloat over the deaths of human beings, we must not wish for the wholesale slaughter of the terrorists but appeal instead for humanity from both sides. We should once again use all our powers to bring the international community to allow the Libyan Government to broker a ceasefire and hold talks, something it has been trying to do from the beginning, and hold elections as it promised from the beginning.

It was NATO that refused. Now THAT may go a long way to describing the events of the last few days. Time will tell. All we can do from outside is to make a responsible attempt to find news from the front lines and report it.


On Sunday, Gaddafi appealed to Libyans to deter the rebel offensive, saying:

“It is the obligation of all Libyans. It is a question of life or death.”

He’s made past similar appeals. It bears observing. At most, hundreds of insurgents (as few perhaps as three or four hundred) now terrorize Tripoli because of heavy NATO support. Without it, they’d be easily routed.
The situation remains chaotic, violent and fluid. Events are fast-moving. What appears one way can shift quickly to another.

Moreover, Gaddafi isn’t at issue. Libyans will decide their fate, not him, TNC turncoats, insurgents, or NATO, though a long liberation struggle may lie ahead.
Nonetheless, a shameless August 22 White House statement said:

The people of Libya are showing that the universal pursuit of dignity and freedom is far stronger than the iron fist of a dictator.”

In fact, if justice prevailed, Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, and other NATO war criminals would face international court prosecutions for waging war against humanity.
Ongoing ruthlessly for over six months against Libyans alone, it rages lawlessly out of control because justice humanity cries for is denied.

MEDIA WARS: MANY MOUTHS, ONE VOICEVoltaire Net has been Shut down – More Censorship due to Libyan Situation?

Två intervjuer med Webster Tarpley på – Qaddafi’s Leadership Structure is Intact; NATO’s al Qaeda Infantry a Contemptible Rabble; Get Set for a Long WarNATO’s New Vandals Would Attack Europe with Terrorism and Piracy


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4 svar to “the brave new world”

  1. Björn Blomberg Says:

    Tack för ännu en intressant artikel!

    Vi får se vart det här slutar. Väsentligen måste väl alla de länder som är under attack eller som kan tänkas komma under attack börja organisera sig och samarbeta för att avvärja hoten, alternativet är att de går under.

    Det säger sig självt att lyckas de rojalistiska diktaturerna på den arabiska halvön ta kontroll över Libyen och utrota en enligt dem otillåtet sekulär regim där, så kommer deras skäggiga salafistiska al Qaida-kämpar att intensifiera sina ansträngningar att destabiliera inte bara Syrien – där de redan är i full gång – utan även Algeriet och Libanon. Faller Syrien i Gulfstatsdiktaturernas, USA:s, Englands och de fanatiska salafisternas händer, så är Iran det självklara nästa angreppsmålet.

    Iranierna verkar väldigt kluvna just nu. Aytolla Khomeini hatade Gaddafi som han såg som alldeles för sekulär och mycket av det synsättet verkar sitta i hos en del inom Irans etablissemang. En del verkar vara skadeglada över västimperialisternas angrepp på Gaddafi medan många andra verkar ha viss respekt för det libyska folkets motstånd mot USA-imperialismen.

    Pakistan som står inför hotet av en destabilisering från USA:s sida där USA verkar allt mer intresserat av att understödja sekteristiskt och etniskt våld – inte minst genom att kanske börja stödja separatister i Baluchistan – har hela tiden varit principfasta i sitt stöd för Libyens oberoende. Pakistan måste allt mer ses som en del av motståndet mot USA:s och västimperialisternas planer i regionen. Och de har fått försvarsgarantier av Kina, så Obama kan inte marschera in där hur som helst.

    Det är helt omöjligt att säga någonting säkert om hur det här kommer att utveckla sig. Men på lite längre sikt tror jag att den västerländska imperialismen trots allt befinner sig i sina dödsryckningar. Historiskt sett har imperialism aldrig fungerat och till och med de allra största och mäktigaste imperierna har fallit till sist. Och det har ju varit bra för befolkningarna i de tidigare imperialistiska länderna som då slipper att en ständigt växande del av det man lyckas gemensamt producera används till att föra dyrbara krig./Björn Blomberg

    • Stan Says:

      Det du skriver om Iran stämmer precis med den bild jag fått av rapporteringen på om Libyen. Ibland har man i stort sett låtit som vilken ynklig väst-mainstream som helst med prat om dictator rule osv. Samtidigt som man släppt fram oberoende, fria, alternativa röster.
      Det allra flesta länderna i världen måste ju vara motståndare till gangstrarna, den hårda kärnan av NATO-länder. Afrikanska länder, sydamerikanska, Kina, Ryssland (men där verkar man väldigt svajiga av någon anledning). Man får hoppas att dessa länder har någon plan, en direkt konfrontation med den gigantiska krigsmaskinen som är under ledning av fullkomligt hänsynslösa galningar är knappast att rekommendera.

  2. HCA Says:

    Bra skrivet av både Stan och Björn, tack för den läsningen.

    Funderade på det du skrev Björn, att imperialism aldrig fungerat.
    Har det funnits imperier av denna storlek och med de aktörer tidigare?
    Tänker då på de i bakgrunden, de som de facto mer eller mindre styr alla händelser, bankirfamiljerna. Deras styrka har ju vuxit något oerhört samtidigt som de inte ses som de styrande av den gråa massan.
    Den kontroll som är över kunskap och vetande, det vill säga främst media, är även den närmast total idag mot tidigare.
    Att imperier fallit är inget jag motsäger, men de har verkat i en annan tid, med andra medel.

    Känns mycket oroande att vi är i ilfart på väg mot ett imperium som kommer täcka den allra största delen av vår planet, med få motståndare som i sin tur inte verkar vara organiserade.
    Land efter land ser sin undergång, med en härskande invasionsmakt. Andra har marionetter som leder dem.

    Vad, förutom ett kompakt folkligt motstånd, kan stoppa detta nya imperiebygge?
    Interna konflikter verkar vara få om några, så ett sönderfall inifrån ser idag ut att inte vara möjligt.

  3. Martin Says:

    Junkie: Come on man, I need another hit, please, I gots cash!
    Oilproducers: Cash?! Your cash? I got a warehouse of the stuff right here, and by the way isn’t that the stack I lent you this morning? It looks a little light to me. Come back when you have something I want.
    Junkie walks away, mumbling to himself: Man, I really needed that hit, man. Fucking dealer, I should burn his fucking cash-warehouse down and then lie about it to his face, then he’d have to take my money. Yeah, I fucking should!

    Pundarlogik på en massiv skala. Men för att handla måste man ha någon att handla med. Regel nr 1 i kapitalism. Sen är det en bonus att Libyerna får hjälpa till att axla vår skuldbörda i form av återuppbyggnad och fina vapenkontrakt. En win-win skulle en riksbankschef uttrycka saken.

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