Franklin Lamb från Tripoli

Ny intervju från Morris på, som tillhandahåller en värdefull tjänst med sina videor.
Morris frågar Lamb om han hört något om staden Misrata, det har förekommit uppgifter om att regeringsstyrkorna tagit över den från rebellerna (eller terroristerna som de skulle ha kallats om de agerat i ett land som kontrolleras av västs finans-ayatollor), men Lamb ställer sig tevksam till det. Så här sa Moussa Ibrahim på presskonferensen för ett par dagar sen som jag länkade till i förra inlägget:

”No change in Misrata with the areas liberated are still under government control, the Misrata side of tawergha still has rebel presence? but the rest of the town is under government control.”

Franklin Lamb 18 aug, Tripoli on the Cusp

Except for the recent increase in NATO bombing sorties Tripoli has been a fairly pleasant place to be.

On 8/17/11 things abruptly changed and no one knows for sure in which direction daily life is now headed. Starting just before noon, much, if not most of Tripoli was without power. At my hotel, one of only two in Tripoli with even sporadic Internet these days (even though parts of Tripoli regularly experiences South Beirut Lebanon type sudden cuts that can last for hours or days) the services abruptly stopped for all staff and guests. Initially some guests were stuck in the elevator and a few appeared to panic.
Our hotel rooms, which for security reasons have windows which don’t open began to heat up fast, laptop batteries quickly died, the weak Internet vanished, and this observer, like others, was faced with the prospect of walking down and up eighteen floors to keep appointments in the street level reception area.


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