12 aug

Thierry Meyssan – NATO reneges on its mission

In short, the actions of the Alliance run counter to what the U.N. Security Council and certain Member State parliaments demanded: instead of protecting the civilian population against a tyrant, it is bent on terrorizing civilians to get them to rise against the leader they support.

This strategy is expected to continue until the end of Ramadan. The Alliance will then have three weeks left to try and score a significant victory before the clock strikes twelve: on September 19th, the United Nations General Assembly will meet in New York and could demand explanations about the ongoing operation, note the incapacity of the Security Council to restore the peace, and impose its own recommendations.

In preparation for the resumption of ground fighting in early September, NATO is arming the Misrata rebels and clearing the road they will use to seize Zlitan. With France once again refusing to deliver weapons, Qatar has obliged by freighting them by plane, despite the UN embargo. On the night of 8 to 9 August, the Alliance cleaned up Majer hill, which could serve as an outpost to defend Zlitan. In the process, it bombed farms and tents where twenty displaced families were sheltered, killing 85 people including 33 children.

NATO will run out of bombs and missiles and grow tired of murdering millions of people but Qaddafi will not be moved and resides in the hearts of billions

voltairenet.org – Syrien

Widely read in Western government circles, U.S. Middle East expert Joshua Landis scrutinizes the role of armed groups in the escalating violence in Syria. While the mainstream media automatically echo the voice of the opposition that blames the Syrian military for the gruesome murders of its own soldiers, Landis shows that the facts vote largely in favor of the Government’s version of these events.

David Pidcock on London Riots: Cut Off The Hands of The Bankers First

“As mentioned, The DEBT based banking system is the root cause of unemployment – however as long as they insist in only putting purchasing power into circulation through wages and salaries, the authorities fail in their duties to serve their communities because they fail to comprehend that everyone needs money in their pockets [regardless of whether they are employed or not] so they can consume the wealth that is already being created but because of the artificial scarcity of money it remains unconsumed [except by fire due to the riots]. ”


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2 svar to “12 aug”

  1. Mavera Says:

    Ja, Gaddafi visade sig vara en svår nöt att knäcka. Detta är därför att han är sann ledare för sitt folk och har gjort mycket bra för landet. Syrien också, liksom Libyen, blev offer för västens antipropaganda och USA:s hemliga planer.

    • Stan Says:

      Han verkar välinformerad denne Meyssan, Skrämmande det han säger om förberedelser för markinvasion. Skrämmande också vilken skenande galenskap som råder i världen. De verkar desperata, NATO och deras herrar, som råttor inträngda i ett hörn, man vet inte vad de ska ta sig för.

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