vad händer i Libyen

Det har dykt upp signaler om förändringar i Libyen-läget…

Libyan rebels dig in as France grows impatient

France expressed impatience over the weekend at the inability to reach a political solution to the crisis after months of static fighting, and stepped up pressure on rebels to negotiate an end to the conflict.

U.N. envoy talks to Libya about transition

”He underscored the need for a political solution to the crisis that spares the Libyan people further suffering and meets their legitimate demands and aspirations for a democratic future,” the statement said.

Och nu påstås det på facebook att en översättning av ett inlägg på en blogg – – lyder så här:

1. Yesterday NATO dropped leaflets on the rebels hiding in the mountains of western Nafusa saying that if they can not be in Tripoli in 72 hours, NATO is withdrawing.
The armed rebels are furious and say they are still in Al Assabha, however yesterday the Libyan TV was in this city, talked to people and there are armed rebels under control there.
2. The BBC Arabic has said that France withdrew from Libya
3. ”France 24 Arabic” said France has withdrawn its military forces from Libya.
4. Libyan TV said that the forces are removed.

Franklin Lamb – France Says NATO Bombing Has Failed
Hvad ska man tro?

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya i två video-inslag från Libyen hos

och… från samma blogg – Rockefeller’s Dream: National Auto-determination Begins and Ends in Greece

Susan Lindauer: Not So Fast, Mr. President: How Obama Got It (All) Wrong in Libya and How to Fix It

William Blume – Libya: Unending American hostility

If I could publicly ask our beloved president one question, it would be this: “Mr. President, in your short time in office you’ve waged war against six countries — Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. This makes me wonder something. With all due respect: What is wrong with you?”

Bra video med Bill Still som förklarar hur penningsystemet måste reformeras hos superzeke



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